Truck Bucks- Making It As A Freight Broker

Are you sitting at home like the rest of us, and want to earn a generous income in a sustainable industry? I have the solution for you in the field of Logistics. I work from home as a Logistics Broker/Account Manager, and it’s all from the convenience from home and the comfort of my couch. If you have an outgoing personality and a drive to succeed, then this job is for you.

How Did I Become A Logistics Broker?

The first question: how did I become a freight broker with no experience? I started out like most people trying to find a legitimate work from home opportunity that would be conducive to my schedule and my family schedule. I had heard of and researched so many different opportunities that seemed to have too many conditions to succeed or were part of an industry that could simply disappear at any time leaving me without a job.

The great thing about the transportation industry is that it literally is a necessity. All the products we use every single day are produced and then shipped to retailers all over the world daily, and it will never stop. Even in the course of the CoVID-19 pandemic, while so many people are out now facing unemployment, Logistics is thriving because we still need all of the same products in the same amount of time. I am part of the industry that moves freight so the rest of America can have what they need. It feels so empowering knowing that even at the most difficult times, I have a job that is needed- I feel so much more secure for myself and my family. Don’t get me wrong, it took a few mistakes and some trial and error but hopefully my journey will help you succeed quicker and make more money!

Finding The Right Company

When learning how to become a trucking broker, it is important to find the right freight brokerage company. I researched a lot of Logistics companies, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I was nervous because I wanted to succeed, but I also wanted to be smart about who I associated myself and my company name with. I decided upon a company called GLOBALTRANZ. They could absolutely not have been a better company to start with. I called to inquire about an opportunity with them and their human resources representative gave me so much support and guidance. I was told I would set myself up as my own company which would require me to pick a name and apply for the name with the state in which I live as well as apply a Federal Tax ID number for my business. I then gave them all the information and I was off to the races.

The Client Search

A truck that someone learning how to become a freight broker with no experience might use to carry freight that they brokered
Ol’ Clanky: Used for hauling crates of powdered wigs

Starting a freight brokerage is easy- it’s becoming a real broker authority that takes effort. The key to getting going is coming up with a market strategy, and knowing which industries are your best fit. I started with businesses I was familiar with in my hometown. Businesses like Pepsi that had distribution center in my town and the local paper mill that produced paper towels for Scott and Bounty. I made a list of 50 companies/products and simply called the Shipping Manger for each company. Being a freight broker agent is about selling yourself, and pinpointing the needs of the client by asking questions to discover their goals. Every single company I called already has someone shipping for them. I knew that, but each company I called also had something that they were not exactly satisfied with when it came to their current shipper whether it be price, timing, or truck drivers.

Whatever it was I noted that, and sold my ability to fix that problem and simply asked for an opportunity to earn their business. Not one single company turned me down. After all, companies always want anything to make their ability to earn money easier and their headaches to disappear- which is where I came in!

Once I was able to secure the opportunity with that company, they set me up as one of their shippers with GLOBALTRANZ and it was all up to me. GLOBALTRANZ would take care of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, surety bonds, and all of the other paperwork- I just had to move the freight!

Moving America

I received what is called a “load” to ship for that company. An example would be to send 1000lbs of copy paper from the manufacturer to the retailer in a LTL truck. Once I knew what type of equipment the client wanted, the price they wanted to pay to ship the load, and the route details, my next item to complete was to advertise the load on a truckers website called TRUCKSTOP.COM. This website allows you to advertise on a load board and give your contact details for them to contact you for a flat $20 fee (some agencies will even pay this for you). The key point here is to set YOUR price. You take your budget of what your client wants to pay and you reduce that by as much as you can get the load moved for.

The difference in what you get the load moved for and what the client pays is where you make your commission, so you have to be a tough negotiator. You don’t want to settle a price too early and miss out on making more money. It pays to look at comparable loads and what they are moved for so you can maximize your savings and therefore your commissions. Now understand that the truckers are trying to do the same thing. They are trying to maximize what they make out of what it will cost to run the load so the cat and mouse game of negotiating is something that takes time and patience.

Now once that price is negotiated say the client gives you a $1200 budget and you can secure the load for $900 then you make a commission off of the $300 you negotiated down from what the client pays. If your percentage commission is 30 percent then you just made $90 off of that one load. Multiply that potential earning time 100 loads a day well then its a nice income. Keep in mind again I will not make the same thing on every load but the possibilities are endless.

Raking In The Cash

You are not gonna always make mad cash every time. You have to LEARN the routes that pay the most, but keeping your client happy is the most important goal. Good customer service and a happy client equals more loads, which means more opportunity, which means more money. Once you are able to earn the business of several companies the consistent money you are looking for will come and the more goals and discipline you apply, the more money you can make. After 12 years in the business, I easily earn $80 an hour with over 60 companies that send me over 100 loads a day. Its about finding your rhythm, being super diligent, and listening to your clients needs.

So I know you are wondering the ultimate question, how do I get paid. Well its so easy its ridiculous. So once you have negotiated your price with the trucker and secured the load by having the trucking company set up in the GLOBALTRANZ system, you “follow the load” from pickup to delivery. The key here is to make sure everything is done on time. When I get a load, I input the information on a EXCEL spreadsheet with a daily tracker so I know everyday what loads are being picked up and what loads are to be delivered.

So once I have booked my loads and delivered them, my commission is paid direct deposit to my bank every week which is awesome. I don’t have to deal with any of the billing, its all handled by GLOBALTRANZ. I just work the loads and make the commissions, GLOBALTRANZ handles the rest.

Delivering Customer Service

More trucks for a truck broker who wants to know hot to be a logistics broker free
Trucks on trucks on trucks on trucks on trucks on trucks on trucks

There are expected pickup times and delivery times and the trucking companies know what they are but they don’t always adhere to them, after all this is a human error business. Too many variables can affect you, and I did say you because, you are the face for your client. If the trucker you hired doesn’t pick up or deliver the load on time it affects YOU and the future of your business with the client. That is why it is imperative you stay on top of your loads.

Too many times have I had a trucker be late delivering a load citing traffic or a mechanical breakdown which turned out to be false. So I started checking by looking at GOOGLE maps to look for traffic jams or request the company where the breakdown is being addressed.

I don’t want to minimize or talk negatively about the trucking industry, after all, they are my partner. However, they are being hired by you and therefore you are their client so making sure that everything is legitimate will keep you from having egg on your face to your boss, your client.

Closing The Deal

I know it seems a little complicated but honestly its the easiest job I have ever had and the most money I have ever made while sitting on my couch drinking a Coca Cola with my dogs next to me. The best advice I can give is to know your limits, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I cant tell you how many of my fellow agents will scoop in and help if I get sick or go on vacation. There’s not really a freight broker training program, so I had to network and research what works for other agents so I could develop my own system.

The main point I want to make is its all up to you. If you are not comfortable on the phone or being assertive to ensure your client is satisfied, then this is not the job for you. Being disciplined and developing a system of checks and balances will make sure you are making the most money and putting yourself in a position to maximize your growth and income at the same time.

Logistics is a powerful, fulfilling and amazing job which has afforded me a very comfortable lifestyle, and above all things I have the security of knowing my job is not going to eliminated. Logistics is a requirement for how we are able to eat food, build our homes, have clothes to wear and materials for every business in every phase of life. Now that you’ve learned how to become a freight broker for free, you can do it just like I did! Get out there and make that money. The possibilities are all up to you!

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