Using Fiverr to Generate & UpSell Clients

Simple Fiverr Automated Side Business

In the early days of Fiverr, everyone had to start selling something for $5. To make more than $5, your clients had to purchase more than one item at $5, or they had to purchase some add on extras to your $5 offer.

These days, Fiverr pretty much allows people to set their own prices. It’s still pretty common to see gigs for $5, especially for quick gigs that take little time, however being able to start at a higher price certainly helps a lot of people turn Fiverr into a legitimate side business.

The trick to getting the most out of Fiverr is to have something that is mostly automated and only takes you a few minutes to actually complete the gig. By having something that is mostly automated, you can easily charge a $5 starting rate and make a lot per hour based on pure volume. Then, you can have options for further customization of the service or more complex jobs and charge significantly more. Some people even use Fiverr gigs exclusively as leads to higher paying work. You might offer something cheap for $5 that involves a simple tactic to help someone’s business. After taking a few minutes to complete the job, you pitch them on the next step in the process, explaining how you can help them a lot more for a heftier price.

This guide is going to illustrate some ideas of things you can try on Fiverr and how to find your own unique ideas that align with your specific skills and experience. It will also cover how to get the most out of Fiverr so you can easily earn $50 or more per hour.

What Will You Offer?

Fiverr is all about finding your specific service that you will provide to people who need that service. To figure out what you have to offer, ask yourself some basic questions:

  • What valuable skills do you have?
  • Do you have access to any automated software?
  • What industry do you know the most about?
  • Is there anything you can do that will take only a few minutes?

Answering these questions will really start pointing you in the right direction. At the beginning, it’s okay to try more than one thing. You want to try some different tactics until you find one that you can both do quickly and you get a lot of orders for.

If you have some graphic design experience, one thing that is valuable to sell is graphic design services, but all your designs will be quick customized versions of templates you’ve already created. For instance, you can have a text-based logo ready to go. Once they give you their companies name, you simple select the font, color, and edit the name. The same can be done with a business card template, e-book covers, or anything else that many people will want.

If you can use Adobe After Effects, you can have pre-made templates of YouTube intro videos. This is just a cool moving graphic. Your client would send you their logo, you drop it into the template, and now they have a sleek intro that they can put in front of all of their YouTube video uploads. The beauty of this one is that you don’t even need to be an After Effects pro and make Templates yourself. You can find already made templates and use those. Just make sure those pre-made templates include commercial rights.

Do you have access to any kind of business metric software or automation software that you can create a quick gig out of? An automated way to make quick backlinks for SEO purposes? For instance, if you have access to some social media metric software that isn’t available for free, you can offer a quick report of someone’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Simply type in their username and save a quick report from the data that is generated. The same can be done with any kind of research software. Do you have a quick way to find all the contact info of a certain group of people in a certain area for someone to use as lead generation? People are happy to pay for that, and will would only take you 2-3 minutes to generate a report for them.

As you can see, there are tons of ideas that people are happy to pay money for that will essentially cost you just a few minutes of your time. They are happy to pay your fee because the trouble of them figuring out how to do this thing themselves isn’t worth it when someone like you already knows how to do this thing quickly and for a reasonable price.

Setting Up Fiverr For Efficiency

When setting up a Fiverr account, it’s crucial that your profile does some specific things. First, you need your gig to clearly state what you do so that people can easily find you when searching on Fiverr. There is no point in offering paid services if nobody can actually find you to pay you the money.

Second, you need to clearly define your tiers of service and your policies of what is included in each of those different tiers. If you don’t have clear definitions spelled out for your potential clients, it will lead to confusion, random requests for additional service that they didn’t pay for, and excessive communication to straighten things out. You aren’t getting paid for any of this extra communication so you want to reduce it as much as possible.

Your base tier should clearly label exactly what they are doing. You should make sure to indicate how they can order additional customization or special requests and you should have higher priced tiers of service for it. The clearer this all is, the easier someone can simply select exactly what they want, know exactly what the price will be, and you won’t need any back and forth communication to complete the gig. Of course, if they are paying for an expensive, top tier service, that will likely involve some communication, but in this instance you have charged high enough to justify the extra time spent.

There are no exceptions to this clearly defined tier list of what you offer. Take your time to make it properly. This is what will help you make $50 an hour, instead of making only $20 an hour because you had to spend so much extra time messaging your customers and waiting for replies.

Getting Noticed

For best practices, you need a buyer friendly title for your gig page. This is a title that has your main keywords in it, is simple to understand, but also speaks directly to your potential clients.

For example, “YouTube Video Introductions Using Pre-Made Templates And A Logo That Clients Provide” might technically be correct, but it is a bit too wordy, over explains your process, and isn’t personal to the actual reader. A better example that simplifies your keywords and is buyer friendly would be: “I Will Make A Flashy YouTube Logo Intro For You.” This is simple, to the point, and is buyer friendly because it words it in a way that you are telling them what you will do specifically for them. This personal touch makes a difference in not only being noticed on Fiverr, but also helps increase conversions.

If you have your gig clearly defined with a buyer-friendly title, people will see your page. The trick is to get them to take a longer look and genuinely consider you over others selling a similar service. This makes having a gig video absolutely crucial. You want to create a high quality intro video for your profile that talks about what you offer and convinces people to order from you. This can be you speaking into the camera, an entertaining PowerPoint presentation where you narrate it or something similar.

If you are having trouble creating a high quality gig video that helps get you noticed, simply search on Fiverr and hire someone to make one for you. If they do good work, the investment will more than pay for itself. However you decide to make your video, you absolutely need one. Having any kind of gig video, even a simple one, has been proven to double the orders of gigs from someone’s page.

You also need to make your profile stand out as much as possible. Don’t try to look exactly like everyone else on Fiverr. Use interesting images to catch people’s attention. Feel free to use splashes of bright colors in the text on your images. Write distinctive and entertaining descriptions of your services and the different tiers people can order. Keep it professional, but have some fun with it. Being slightly humorous in your gig description makes you more likable. If people can connect with you on a friendly level simply by reading your profile, they are much more likely to order from you.

Clear Delivery Times

Delivery time plays an important role on Fiverr. People want what you are selling and they want it now. Shorter delivery times means you are likely to get more orders. If you are doing something that is mostly automated, you shouldn’t have a delivery time longer than 24 hours. You should always have it sooner than that if it is possible, but 24 hours is enough time to complete the gig even if they ordered while you were asleep or while you were busy with something during the day.

Make sure you clearly indicate your delivery times for each tier of your service and that they make sense to your customers. If you have something that is obviously mostly automated but then your delivery time says it will take four days, nobody is going to order from you.

After you have your delivery times clearly stated, you need to always stick to those delivery times! You should strive to have everything sent well within the time frame, and never be late. Positive feedback and reviews are crucial to Fiverr success, and you don’t want bad feedback because you send work late.

Keep in Mind Mobile Users

A lot of people use the mobile app to order things on Fiverr. Make sure your profile and account is optimized for mobile use. Luckily, Fiverr does most of the work here, but there are some things you can do to help improve your conversions from mobile users.

Make sure any images you use, look as good on a mobile screen as they do on a computer desktop. Small details may get lost on the small screen within the app. Also, if you use text in your images on your gig page, the text needs to be large enough to still be readable on a smartphone.

For your products and descriptions, space things out in short, simple sentences and easily readable paragraphs. A wall of text with long sentences and no paragraph breaks can be jarring even on a laptop. It’s even more jarring when seeing that same wall of text on a small mobile device.

Even if you’re mostly using your computer, download the app and check that your profile still looks great on your phone.

Upselling To High Paying Gigs

This is one of the best ways to use Fiverr. People with businesses tend to spend a lot on gigs and services for their business. Don’t be confused and think that just because they are on Fiverr, they aren’t happy to pay good money for quality work.

You can use your Fiverr account to attract these higher paying customers. This works especially well if your service is using some kind of automated data or research software that does a report of some kind. If the software data shows their website traffic is lacking from a certain popular source, you can upsell them on your traffic generation consulting services.