Simple Gigs You Can Do For Fast Cash

One of our core principles is the idea of methodically building your side business: scout markets, find gaps, and master the skills you need to offer customers compelling value. But sometimes you need to play the game on hard mode: using the gig economy to generate fast cash.

Let’s be perfectly clear: these are generally not the highest paying gigs out there. We’re suspending our usual expectation of earning at least $50 per hour in favor of quick and reliable payment.

A few potential options:

  • Freelance Writing for Content Mills: Our favorite “work from home” opportunity. While the compensation model is straight out of a Dickens novel (rate per word), this gig offers high flexibility, immediate work, and prompt payment. There is an opportunity to “level up” for higher rate work as you master freelance writing or diversify into publishing your own websites to build passive income.
  • Junk Removal Business: Got a pickup truck? A little hustle? Here’s the story of one of our contributors who made money in a hurry by starting a junk removal and recycling business. The same idea could probably be extended to a variety of basic landscaping and household services.
  • Sales Consulting: Are you good at explaining concepts to business owners and customers? Here’s a way to use those skills to make some quick cash.