Simple Gigs For Fast Cash [make 500 dollars fast ]

One of our core principles is the idea of methodically building your side business: scout markets, find gaps, and master the skills you need to offer customers compelling value. But sometimes you need to play the game on hard mode: using the gig economy to generate fast cash.

1. How To Make 500 Dollars Fast By Making Crafts

If you’re good at crafting, you can sell your goods online or directly to your friends and family. Whether it’s beadwork or yummy scented candles, crafts make a personal gift for all to enjoy.

2. Become A Dog Walker For Extra Money

Apps such as Wag! allow you to find families with dogs who need extra help. The steady schedule of dog walking and maintenance can be done within a few hours of your day, making it a great side hustle that can become a full time career just for being friendly with man’s best friend.

3. Make Money By Playing Video Games

Some of the biggest earners in the past few years are video game streamers. As long as you have an individual voice, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best gamer on the planet. Look to platforms that allow you to stream your gameplay and earn money while you’re gaming.

4. Sell Your Stuff On Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be a good place to sell your unwanted items with a leeway for buyers to offer what they think the product is worth. Look around your area for free items that can be upcycled for a quick buck.

5. Choose Freelance Writing For A Cash Ready Gig

There are many freelance writing websites that accept you as a writer within days and provide consistent work as long as you keep up with quality. Money can be immediate depending on your clients and your ability to write for high paying jobs that can range in skill levels. Keep your mind open and your wallet will soon be full!

6. Try Selling On Facebook Marketplace

It may seem daunting to resell gifts from your family and friends, however; Facebook Marketplace is an easy stop for unwanted presents and items you may have laying around at home. If you’re afraid of insulting someone, you can change your privacy settings or contact buyers directly who are looking for the products you’re willing to sell.

7. How To Borrow Money And Pay It Back

A payment plan is the best bet when you’re borrowing money. Instead of going in empty handed, try to figure out a schedule to borrow $500 from a trusted loved one and make sure they get the cash so you aren’t in debt forever.

8. Offer Moving Services For Extra Cash

Many people associate moving work with free pizza and refreshments. If you’re taking time off work and using a truck for heavy objects, it’s ok to request cash instead. All you need to do is make the job worthwhile and you may find yourself with other clients in the future.

9. Take Your Seamstress Skills To The Next Level

Many people shy away from shoddy tailors but still need their clothes to fit properly. If you’re handy with a sewing needle, you can offer your services for a quick buck and expect new clients from recommendations.

10. Find An MLM That’s Right For You

Multi-leveling markets can be a bit scammy but they work if you work it right. Makeup enthusiasts can find success on unboxing videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube o attract customers and clients looking for a quick job in the field. The opportunities are endless with other gigs such as selling kitchen knives and premium blend coffee.

11. Create Meals and Drinks At Home For A Quick Sell

Many people are willing to order takeout instead of a restaurant with mandates. When you’re great at cooking, you can look into making meals at home and marketing them as a job to appease your hungry customers.

12. Invite Others For Photography Sessions

Photography sessions for engagements and weddings are a great way to make money with the proper equipment. $500 is a low selling point to capture pictures of the big day and you can also present add-ons for prints and digital files.

13. Use Your Songwriting Skills For A Persona; Job

Many people search for their voice in these troubling times and need help. Offer services on websites such as Fiverr and video sites including TikTok to enhance a song/poem that is sure to reach a massive audience.

14. Offer Commission Portraits For More Money

Artists, unite! During the holiday season, many are looking for unique portraits of their pets and loved ones for a special gift. You can choose your payment plan based on materials used and hours spent to create an entire masterpiece.

15. Get Cash Quick For A Simple Housecleaning Task

There are some cleaning jobs no one wants to do. You may have friends with a dirty refrigerator who would love a great scrub or a bathtub with years of grime. Grab some cleaners and get to work for a regular gig that can put you in the bank.

16. Edit E-Books For A Full Time Job

A lot of published authors are searching for someone to read and review their e-books to gain more traction. Advertise your services on editing websites to proofread a manuscript that will gain traction on the market

17. Look To Thrift Stores For Steals

There’s a special skill for finding high quality and rare items in thrift stores. A great way to make money is to look for textbooks and expensive antiques at a discount price.

18. Sell Individual Artwork To Pay Your Bills

Put your talent on the market with special paintings and creative works that are unlike any other. Feel free to offer commissions on social media to make unique artwork that will land you more money in your pocket.

19. Help Out With Pet Transportation and Moving Services

It’s a small risky business to transport pets through airline and road travel. Offer your services as a driver and include special advantages such as hourly updates on your client’s beloved pets to let them know they’re in great hands.

20. Offer Hair Services To Your Area

Even if you’re not n expert at hair dressing services, you may be a secret pro on braiding and dying. Look to your community and elderly services to see a great group of clients who area ready for the chop.

21. How To Make Money Selling Shirts Online

Find out the ways to create custom designs on t-shirts for bands and your own merchandise business. The best way to sell your brand is to market to all sizes with men, women, and youth clothing.

22. Present A Service To Organize At Home

A lot of people need help to organize their closets and spaces around their house. Offer organizing spaces to help your friends and family clean up to make money and save them more from other services.

23. Make Money As A Beauty Consultant

Have you ever been complimented on your makeup? Grab a brush and invite your friends for consultations and makeovers to earn some extra money. You can easily build your portfolio to make it big as a makeup artist in no time.

24. Try The Wholesale Business With Beauty Products

False eyelashes and other cosmetics are big to to make bank and very capable of marketing to potential customers. It’s simple to buy cheap and sell for more than you’re buying for without ripping off your fanbase. Here we will explain the easy and legal ways to resell beauty items and keep your clients happy.

25. How To Promote Products And Make $500 Easily

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to companies and offer your services for a review or free products. Once you share your success as a reviewer to get paid gigs.

Or Create Your Own Gig….

Let’s be perfectly clear: these are generally not the highest paying gigs out there. We’re suspending our usual expectation of earning at least $50 per hour in favor of quick and reliable payment.

A few potential options:

  • Freelance Writing for Content Mills: Our favorite “work from home” opportunity. While the compensation model is straight out of a Dickens novel (rate per word), this gig offers high flexibility, immediate work, and prompt payment. There is an opportunity to “level up” for higher rate work as you master freelance writing or diversify into publishing your own websites to build passive income.
  • Junk Removal Business: Got a pickup truck? A little hustle? Here’s the story of one of our contributors who made money in a hurry by starting a junk removal and recycling business. The same idea could probably be extended to a variety of basic landscaping and household services.
  • Sales Consulting: Are you good at explaining concepts to business owners and customers? Here’s a way to use those skills to make some quick cash.