Bat Your Eyes: How To Get Into Selling False Eyelashes

How To Start Your Own Business Selling Eyelashes

The eyes are the window to the soul, so they say. Anyone into makeup and beauty can tell you that the easiest way to enhance your look is a great coat of mascara to make your eyes pop no matter their shape or color. While mascara can do the trick, the more dramatic transformation comes from false eyelashes, or “falsies” to stand out during photoshoots or simply make you look glam and comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll notice the first time you wear falsies how incredible your eyes look. This has inspired many women like myself to reach out and make it a side hustle. All you need to do is know your audience and master the art of fake eyelashes to improve your brand and further your career as a makeup artist.

Where To Start In The Eyelash Industry?

Many in the lash business start at a young age delving into makeup with hilarious results such as clumpy mascara or cheap Halloween cosmetics. For me, it was a professional makeover from the popular chain Sephora for a modelling photoshoot. The mink eyelashes gave me a supermodel look with a length that was just right for my eye shape.

Applying the eyelash isn’t an easy start as you need to learn your adhesive and adjust each mink lash to length with a quick trim. You may go through different eyelash brands before you find your fit. Luckily, it doesn’t take long to seek out an eyelash supplier who is great for you and the skill set of your customers, whether they prefer casual or formal, or anything in between.

Start by researching an eyelash brand that you personally love. This can mean going to a salon business owner or doing a trial and error with pesky eyelash glue and cheap falsies. Ask your friends and family about their own makeup routine and keep in mind your target audience before purchasing wholesale lashes. Are they new to applying eyelashes? Have they tried everything and need a higher quality product? The answer is usually to consider both beginners and professionals and treat one group just as important as the other.

How Do I Create and Market My Lashes?

The beauty industry is pretty tough with competitors so you will need to make your lash brand stand out from the rest. Come up with unique packaging and marketing strategy with different options for lashes, not limited to mink or synthetic falsies. A potential customer needs to be drawn into your brand instead of seeking out others with better eyelash packaging.

Falsies aren’t always sold with eyelash glue; however, this addition makes it more convenient for potential customers especially if they’re new to applying fake lashes. Again, do your research to find wholesale companies that will create your dream lash for you with the eyelash logo you pick out.

Marketing can start on social media with you, your friends, or professional models showing off their makeovers but it’s also important to set up an online store and link through your posts. Get those #hashtags going and be sure your profile is public to reach a larger audience. You can also expand your platform to video sites such as TikTok and a Facebook business page to answer any questions your consumers may have, as well as showing off the process of applying fake lashes for those who need a step by step.

What Should I Charge For Lashes or Eyelash Extension?

You might find yourself wanting to be part of makeup artistry by becoming a lash technician yourself instead of going into retail. If you’re already established at a salon, look into lash artist mentors to help you through the course to become certified. When you’re just starting out, look up rules and regulations of your area to create a sanitary business at home (this most likely requires a training course and certification, as well as a legit lash studio due to FDA standards.)

So what about prices? Drugstore eyelashes can cost $1 – $10 while established makeup brands such as MAC can go beyond $20. Factor in specifics such as lash length and the price of packaging in order to do more than break even with your costs. If you price too high, you may scare off customers and too low can leave you in debt.

Going back to being a lash tech, it depends on the style your customers prefer. Silk lashes and mink are more high-quality and you will need to buy them before your customers pay. Also, unless it’s your own salon, you will need to rent a space so it’s okay to be a little more pricey here especially since a lot of fake lashes are for special events such as weddings or proms where people like to splurge on beauty services.

Selling Eyelashes as a Full Service

The eyelash industry is generally not the business where a customer is searching to buy a singular set of lashes. Influencers and beauty gurus alike with success in eyelash style also offer other beauty products including mascara and eyeshadow for a complete look. It seems more cost efficient for consumers to have a full kit ready to wear instead of going out and buying extra products for more money. Sweeten the deal with a free gift, such as a fresh spoolie, an eyelash and eyebrow wand that tames your lashes and can be bought in bulk for cheap.

The same goes for being a lash tech. Unless you’re simply marketing the lash extension services, there’s a bigger demand for full makeup artists who also apply fake eyelashes at an extra charge to complete the look. Make sure you have a professional portfolio to suggest to your clients. The worst they can say is no!

Make False Eyelashes Your Personal Brand

People look up to beauty influencers and a lot will check out your product if you/your lashes have a good reputation. Unique packaging and excellent promotion skills go a long way. There’s always the option to offer promotional products to popular influencers if you feel they can bring your business to the next level. However, you should be extra careful with your research in case the person in question has had public problems in the past that you do not want to associate your brand with.

Stay true to yourself and what you like to become your own spokesperson! If your style is more alternative like mine, you may want to make yourself stand out with colorful lashes and even dramatic Halloween styles that make heads turn. Classic beauty lovers can may prefer glam silk or mink eyelashes instead. Don’t drift too far from your signature look and create a product that is authentic to you and your vision.