How to Start Microblading As An Independent Artist [Or With Your Friends]

What Is Microblading and Why Is It Important In Cosmetic Tattooing?

You may have heard about microblading on social media and from friends and family who are into permanent makeup. Essentially, microblading is the art of tattooing brush strokes to enhance eyebrows and also used in scalp micropigmentation to mimic the look of a shaved head on a bald person. Microbladed brows are meant to look natural to adhere to the color theory of one’s complexion. They can be simply cosmetic or create a bold standout look.

Many tattoo artists and beauty enthusiasts love the look and process of microblading that they become permanent cosmetic professionals themselves. Through proper training and certification. you can join this booming business and make it a side gig or even a full time career. Whether you’re a solo artist or joining a team, here’s a quick guide to the process of becoming a makeup technician.

How To Start Microblading Independently Or With A Crew

First, you’ll need to have passion and determination to get into the field. You’ll want to research techniques such as brow mapping to determine the best look for your clients based on their face shape and original brows. Look into a microblading course under a skilled professional. You’ll probably start off tattooing on practice skin before joining an apprenticeship program alongside a mentor that will lead the way.

Social media is the best place to promote your services. Once you’re certified with a tattoo artist certificate and done with training, you can advertise on your own accounts as well as a special business account for your salon. Your posts about microblading eyebrows can include before and after shots, as well as promotions such as holiday specials or a special deal for first time clients.

As an artist, don’t be afraid to branch out from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to include video media including YouTube and TikTok with visual displays of your work. You can include clips of the process to draw in first time clients who are curious about microblading.

How To Be A Popular Microblading Artist: Tips and Tricks

1. Expand your portfolio with different clients. You’ll want your business to appeal to all types of clients, such as those with black hair or red tresses. You can also offer ombre brows or powder brows, a different technique that involves a dotting tattoo process rather than brush strokes.

2. Use your skills to your advantage. Many already established cosmeticians with a tattoo artist license started out with traditional ink and progress into their own microblading business. A microblading certification takes a few weeks to obtain as long as you know your skills, which helps if you know makeup and tattooing.

3. Be your own spokesperson! Your clients can tell your skills with permanent makeup if you have the service done to yourself. A great brow look on yourself can encourage potential customers to get their own done by you and your crew.

What Clients Should I Look For Who Need Microblading Procedures?

Beauty fans and bloggers

We all know the process of putting on makeup is fun and lets your showcase your creative skills; however, it can be a time consuming task especially for parents and those with jobs such as beauty bloggers who always need to be ready for the public.

A microblading procedure makes it less of a rush to get your face on for your close up whether you’re recording a beauty video or simply need more moments to yourself. The perfect brow is known to frame the face and microblading is a quick remedy for that.

– Clients with hair loss

Certain medical conditions such as alopecia and cancer treatments can cause hair loss that can make a person less confident in their own skin. Microblading and permanent cosmetics can bring out their beauty with brow treatments and scalp micropigmentation.

– Touch ups and coverups

Sometimes clients go to the wrong salon and get a not so pleasant makeup service. Touchups are popular in the permanent makeup industry to fix a botched job. Even regular tattoos may need coverups as well as other topics such as scar camouflage to erase the past mistakes of less skilled artists.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Solo Vs With Other Artists?

As a solo artist, you can create your own own hours and prices with regular microblading sessions ranging from $350-%500 plus a deposit fee and discounted touchups to keep your clients coming back. Also with the right equipment, you can create your own team of specialists to manage social media and promote your business.

When you’re a member of a team, you can split the tasks at hand to divide between your entire crew. This can involve financial skills, booking appointment, and assisting in the microblading process.

Why not try both? A skilled team can switch between a manager and an employee when one needs a break or just a change of pace. The choice is yours all your own.

The Bottom Line Of Microblading

Microblading and permanent makeup are arts that can help both the client and artist alike. It goes without saying that the best work is what makes you stand out from a crowd. As long as you are trained and certified, it won’t be long before you get a regular client base with organic promotion and word of mouth from satisfied customers. Start today to see the right results!