How To Talk Your Clients Into Hiring You As A Long Time Permanent Makeup Artist For Touchups And More

Why Are Returning Clients Important In The Permanent Makeup Industry?

Permanent makeup is a busy industry nowadays for those who want a great cosmetic look the moment they get out of bed and also people who are looking to make money in a new field. Elle is a tattoo artist from the South who branched out her career to microblading and cosmetic tattooing as well as traditional ink. Her establishment in the industry led her to advance her prices per job with skills including lip blushing that uses gentle strokes to make a lipstick effect and permanent eyeliner that looks flawless with proper upkeep.

What are Elle’s secrets to attracting so any clients that lets her be a tattoo artist with cosmetics full time? We’ll go through how great customer service and proper training can help you become a permanent makeup artist yourself, or simply how to find the best technician when you’re looking for a regular artist.

How To Attract Customers To Your Business

For Elle and many tattoo artists, beauty bloggers, and professional makeup artists, they started at a young age with drawing and experimenting on themselves to figure out what looks good for a makeup look. The help of social media allows artists of all calibers show their work and get feedback, as well as deserving praise and the confidence to take their skills to the next level.

With permanent makeup and tattooing, it is vital to have certification after training to keep to FDA standards and allow your customers to seek out your services. This usually requires being an apprentice again as most tattoo artists need to do. Then you can advertise your makeup skills on social media to attract customers. Offer deals for new models or look to a friend who will be photographed for tattooed makeup after you’ve passed training and a blood borne pathogen certification.

What Makes A Client Comfortable During A Permanent Makeup Treatment?

Permanent makeup generally involves a consultation for the client to feel comfortable with the artist of their choice. A strong portfolio both in person or at the salon can lead a client to choose their personal artist based on prior work. After that, the client can choose if the service is right for them. They can choose to book an appointment with a deposit for their treatment with cosmetic makeup.

Many may be afraid of the pain of tattooed makeup. The artist can offer special topical numbing cream that lessens the sting as there are needles involved. The healing process is important with proper care such as ointment and rest, as well as staying out of the sunlight without sunblock that can damage your skin. This is a great way for an artist to communicate and help their customer feel comfortable.

What Are Some Tips To Draw In Reoccurring Clients After Their First Session?

According to Elle, permanent makeup training takes more years than a simple PMA course. Those who are serious about their services will not trust just anyone to tattoo their cosmetics in a setting where touch ups and fill ins are important.

You can offer your clients a referral program to bring in their friends after their first appointment for 50% off, wherever you think the dollar sign will lead you. Elle believes more clients are able to trust you with permanent makeup when you establish a personal relationship (after all, you are being trusted with their looks almost permanently!)

You can also offer your clients a discount on services and touch-ups for specials through social media. Many artists offer holiday specials to draw in new and regular clients alike.

Honesty Is Important To Keep Your Clients

Since permanent makeup is so popular, there may be many competitors in the business. It’s vital to be respectful within your own industry which requires building up your empire to respectful reviews on the internet. Take it one step at a time and review your business while making sure you can attract customers who will keep coming back.

Rewards, reputations, and the finest skills are always what clients look for when the price is worth the process. With this logic and calculations, it has been said permanent makeup artists can earn an estimate of between $30,000 and $60,000 per year as a full time job with an estimate of $300-500 for a several hour gig. The difference is in the venue and skill set, so perfecting your craft is key if you want to get into the industry.