PMU Artist Training – How To Learn & Find A Great Niche

What is a PMU Artist?

A PMU artist (or permanent makeup artist) specializes in beauty services such as eyeliner, lip blushing and microbladed brows through cosmetic tattooing. The PMU industry is a great place for makeup artists to specialize in their own niche and fields with the main goal of helping their customers feel beautiful both inside and out. Whether you’re out to create the perfect brows or a gorgeous lip blush pout, permanent makeup training can get you started with a career that will help you make money and feel satisfied with your goals without undermining your own creativity.

What Should I Know About Permanent Eyebrows?

The first thing that comes to mind with permanent makeup is probably tattooed eyebrows. Many may think of overdrawn and cartoon brows; however, a skilled PMU artist knows how to create a natural and flawless look. Microblading and nano brow techniques are the process of individual tattooed brush strokes to enhance the client’s natural shade. Powder brows or the ombre brow alternative includes a dotting technique to fill in sparse areas for a full set of eyebrows that don’t need as much makeup during the morning beauty routine.

If you choose a microblading course under the mentorship of an experienced artist, they will teach you the basics including brow mapping to find the right shape for the clients face before their permanent makeup procedure. Your PMU training course should also feature the basics of color theory for a natural look that fits your clients’ vision.

Most aspiring artist looking to get into permanent cosmetics join an apprenticeship program after obtaining a health certification and training diploma. These are awarded to those who complete a set amount of training class specific for each state’s guidelines. Many range from a few weeks to a couple months, depending on the area and expertise.

Lip Blushing For Beginners

The procedure of lip blushing involves tattooing pigment on the client lips for a natural pink, red, or bolder look. PMU training for lip blushing is much like eyebrow courses with the opportunity to enhance your craft and keep your clients happy.

One noticeable difference is that lip blushing tends to be an extension of a cosmetic tattoo artist career with many pairing this service along with microblading and other offers in the permanent makeup industry. Students in training courses can learn about different techniques and make up their minds to find their own right path; you can stick to one service or include a bundle of skills depending on your own schedule and skills.

<strong>Other Forms Of Permanent Makeup Services</strong>

– Scalp Micropigmentation

This process is similar to powder brows with a tattooed dotting technique on the head to mimic natural hair with a buzz cut or stubble like appearance. Those who experience hair loss can benefit from the natural look with a subtle or dramatic makeover.

– Touch Up and Cover Ups

Sometimes, permanent makeup takes more than one try to be perfect. Many choose tattoo removal for botched jobs, but also prefer a coverup over the existing spot to forget about past mistakes and move on to a fresh start. Touchups are also important for services including microblading. When you’re starting out as an apprentice, you may be required to prove your talents with touch ups as a starter kit for a full time career.

– Special Services

Many artists take their PMU techniques to serve the greater good. This can include tattooed makeup for those who have lost hair or pigmentation due to an illness, such as cancer or alopecia. Referral programs and discounted services are great to expand your business to help your clients feel beautiful in their own skin.

How Do I Promote and Expand My Business Once I’m Certified?

Social media is the best tool to promote your salon and services. Start out by pairing with your mentor when you’re still an apprentice to present yourself as a dream team. They can even offer special discounts where you can practice your craft to build up your portfolio.

Make sure to never lose sight of your goals; it’s okay to plan to branch out and create your own brand while remaining loyal to the people who helped lead you on the way. Unless you’re planning on opening up your own studio, you may need to invest in salon space and introduce yourself as a new and upcoming artist through sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

<strong>What Are The Benefits of Being a PMU Artist?</strong>

– Showcasing your creativity

Cosmetic tattoo art can be a masterpiece when done properly. Your work speaks for itself and this field allows you to express your creativity to align with your client’s vision.

– Enhancing confidence

Cancer patients and those who suffer from hair loss can find the confidence they need through permanent makeup. Once you’re established you can even offer free or discounted services to the community to give back to those in need.

– Full time career as an artist

Although you do have to pay salon and equipment rental fees, being a PMU artist can lead you into a full time job. Many of these services range from $350-$500 a session with a deposit and a discount on touch ups to keep your clients coming back. Offer a referral program for a discount your loyal customers will appreciate and draw in new business to keep your services thriving.

The Bottom Line To Finding Your Niche In The Cosmetic Makeup Industry

What gives you passion and drive as an artist? Many flock to the permanent makeup field to make a difference and help others feel beautiful. Consider your own end goals and what you believe your clients need after research. From there, you are sure to find your own niche and set on your journey to become a well respected professional in the industry.