What You Need To Start A Microblading Business

What You Need To Start A Microblading Business

The permanent makeup industry is a lucrative career for tattoo artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. Once you perfect your skills as a cosmetician, you can create a full time job to help others feel beautiful with special services including microblading and powder brows. By enlisting in a proper training course with skilled professionals, you’ll be able to get the hang of the process under the guidance and talent of your mentors to become an artist yourself.

So what is the right process to create a career and find potential clients as a microblading artist? There are a few special tips and techniques to advance in the beauty industry field of permanent makeup. Here’s a brief guide to getting your career goals in the world of microblading brows and more.

First Things First: The Basics Of The Beauty Industry

When you’re in a creative mindset without proper direction, it’s easy for your thoughts to get scrambled. Why not start with potential microblading business names? A lot of artists choose something simple that stands out, such as “Jennifer’s Brows and Beauty.” Don’t be afraid to get creative as well. Maybe you’re into astrology and pick something like “Zodiac Ink?” For me, my favorite salons have clever names including “A Cut Above Hair Studio” and “Shear Madness.”

Another prior research technique is to find out who your potential microblading clients are. In a smaller area, you as an artist could look to those who are regular to getting makeup for special events or everyday looks. Those who are comfortable with salon services may be optimal to foray into the permanent makeup field and switch their look from temporary cosmetics. In addition, people who don’t know how to put on makeup can also benefit from the services since permanent makeup can look flawless every morning with proper healing and upkeep.

Put feelers out to your friends and family both on and offline to see what they think about permanent cosmetics and what a potential client may need/want from a microblading session. If you know a tattoo artist or a specialist, look to advice to know if starting the business is right for you. Your investment is in the future of your brand and your client’s utmost satisfaction.

A business plan can be a fun place to start instead of deep diving into the job of a permanent makeup artist. The journey to greatness comes with dedication and perseverance through hard work and skills.

Build Your Microblading Business Step By Step

1. Establish your brand and seek out proper training. This involves looking into your local area’s health department to find bloodborne pathogen training and the right certification for the field of cosmetic makeup.

2. Obtain the necessary requirements and seek out a reputable salon or tattoo establishment that will take you in as an intern or service provider. This will include costs as you may have to rent out microblading equipment and salon space for your personal services, unless you’re working as an apprentice alongside a mentor.

3. Build your portfolio by expertise! Offer your services on social media with special deals for referrals and limited time offers. Say you’re looking to add a redhead to your portfolio to draw in redheaded customers and offer your $300 service for half off at $150. You can also present free or discounted services for clients who experience hair loss and add to your referral program while also bringing beauty to their world.

4. Market yourself as an individual in the beauty industry. Take your marketing skills to the next level by creating social media business accounts and videos on streaming platforms if you are comfortable in front of the camera. Ask your clients if they’re ok with before and after pictures (this can go with special deals) and let your talent shine through.

5. Be consistent and confident. It’s always ok to make mistakes, but microblading is an art of precision. Your clients will need a bit of healing time after their services and may require touch ups to keep your microblading job looking great. Make sure they have the right tools and guidance so you keep a proper reputation and your clients return happy and healthy with referrals to their friends.

One Final Note: Never Give Up!

Becoming a microblading artist full time is very different from many side hustles as it involves creativity and discipline, as well as high attention to your client’s needs. Find your niche in the business by letting your personality shine through and building a great relationship with your clients. Microblading eyebrows can make a client feel fantastic and you feel rich and enriched together.