Powder Brows: The Latest Trend Gracing the Beauty Industry For A Natural Look

What Are Powder Brows and Why Are They So Popular?

Powder brows are one of the latest trends in the permanent makeup industry. This technique uses tattooed application much like microblading to enhance your natural eyebrows. However, many prefer powder brows as it essentially mimics colored eyebrow makeup that the client is used to applying themselves without changing the shape of their brows drastically.

By using a “dotting” tattooing technique, powder brows generally shade the eyebrows to look natural just like microblading with a slightly different application process. Powder brows are known to be used for permanent makeup touchups and are apparently great for beginners who just need a few sparse places on their brows filled in rather than a full set to change their looks. Many proper powder applications can heal in a few days and last for years, according to professional makeup artists.

What Makes A Good Powder Brow Specialist?

When you’re looking to get into powder brows or would like to get your own, there are certain things to search for to find a reputable permanent makeup artist or mentor. Like any other industry, reputation is important. There are some clients who prefer powder brows and others who opt for microblading with more defined lines and a dramatic effect. This doesn’t mean your potential artist or your own opinion should sway what the clients prefer. Social media and online reviews can change a client’s decision to visit your salon/home practice so polite customer service is always the best bet for proper communication and a result that benefits both parties.

Most importantly, obviously a great brow technician has the proper training before and during their career. Many start as an apprentice in a tattoo shop and need medical courses to pass certification before using permanent makeup equipment. Safety and health classes are also essential to keep a business thriving and clients will appreciate your dedication to their wellbeing.

What Are The Proper Prices For Powder Brows?

Depending on your area and quality of salon (discount services or a high end treatment,) prices will vary for powder brow services. You can expect a consultation fee of around $50 with a treatment price of $300-$500 which can be applied with a tip. Consider your prices going towards equipment, as well as rent for the salon and working hours as an independent artist. Since powder brows are less extensive than tattoos to treat just under the skin’s surface, the technician can offer discounts on touch-ups or offer a special package with other treatments including permanent eyeliner and lip blushing.

Who Are The Best Clients for Powder Brows?

Powder brows are generally for clients who have naturally full eyebrows who would like a touch of drama, rather than those who need a full set with microblading to create an entirely new look. People who are used to filling in spaces in their brows may prefer permanent makeup to look great every morning without spending money and time on their regular routine. This trend appears to be popular within the beauty community and social influencers for beginners and curious minds alike who love the flawless look while still maintaining their natural beauty.