How to Start Your own Body Contouring Business [medical or massage]

How To Start A Body Contouring Business

What are your New Years resolutions? For myself and a lot of other people, it starts out with the need to take care of your body and personal health. Body contouring from a trained esthetician is an easy start to get into shape and attain your physical goals. The treatment and technique used may seem tricky and unfamiliar at first, but if you know your market, you too can step into the career field and make money helping people achieve their body goals. Whether you’re a newbie or already in the medical field, body contouring and massage are great freelance jobs that can help you and clients alike.

Here we’ll explore the general overview of body contouring with techniques from the professionals and ideas you may want to look into if this is the career path for you.

What Is Body Sculpting and Contouring?

Non invasive body contouring is a great alternative to plastic surgery if one is afraid to go under the knife. This cosmetic procedure can go a few ways with options such as cool sculpting and massage therapy to sculpt your figure to its fullest potential.

Cool sculpting procedures involve a machine that touches you with cold air to jumpstart your metabolism, giving you energy and helping to shed those extra pounds. Another option is skin tightening treatment if a client has experienced stretch marks and prior liposuction where an esthetician practice needs to jump in and help.

How Do I Make My Body Contouring Service A Business?

You will need some help with your career if the path seems right for you, such as body contouring training courses to get into the business. The beauty industry is a competitive market and nowadays a positive review speaks wonders for consumers; your reputation is always important in the field.

Look to social connections including colleagues to see if they are also interested in a side hustle and want to be part of your team to share costs. The medical field can be a pretty lucrative job on itself, but you are always personally allowed to branch out instead of burn out.

Non invasive body contouring can be done at a medical spa or you can learn with special courses including massage schools that feature specialties such as wood therapy to relieve tension in the joints. Then, you might qualify for a home spa with the right resources.

Examples of Different Treatments: Massage or Medical?

Vacuum therapy

This treatment involves suction cups to help your skin and is common with those who are into fitness and physical training. Mostly focused on the back, vacuum therapy is rumored to aid sore joints and enhance metabolism.

Ultrasound cavitation

By targeting fat deposits in the body, ultrasound cavitation procedures zap unwanted weight for body contouring. Mostly done at spas and clinics, this treatment is generally endorsed by celebrities but not too fancy for regular consumers.

Laser lipo

Laser lipo is a non invasive body contouring alternative to traditional liposuction surgery. This practice shrinks fat cells with a procedure similar to ultrasound cavitation and requires a regular diet and exercise.

Cellulite reduction

Most women (and men!) deal with cellulite. A simple skincare treatment or a zap from a topical lipo machine can work with the right practice. It may take a few tries, but you can make your clients feel better with their own bodies.

How Do I Get Into Working With Body Contouring Treatments?

When you’re working in the medical field (especially during a pandemic) you can find yourself underpaid and overworked. By branching out to an independent business plan, you may need a little help. Look to a body contouring certificate through a medical spa where you can practice your craft. Seek out local businesses to rent a place for essential equipment including a cavitation machine for sculpting.

A great technique is to get into social media marketing when you are medically certified and want to expand your brand. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to friends and family to see if they’re interested in your services – the worst they can do is say no. Create a Facebook page for your business or ask your boss to tag you for specials, especially when you’re just starting out in the industry.

Use Your Imagination and Your Personal Skills

The most important thing is to find a practice that suits your skill set. It’s not exactly alright to go into ultrasound and cavitation practices without doing research first. Your clients may like to see a body contouring certification before proceeding with their appointment. When you’re doing a residential guest spot at a medical spa, you still can ask for a display with your picture and credentials.

A way to stand out is a creative logo and brand name. Everyone is cheeky for a play on words; however “Lipo Linda” isn’t a name that is sure to stick and keep you in the business. Make your service noticeable with special color schemes and proper certification you can show off proudly in the office and on business cards.

How Much Do I Charge For Treatments?

Typically, a spa session can be up to $1,000 for inclusive services. Instead you can offer hour sessions that won’t break the bank. A great way to make money and save your client’s wallets is to offer session specials for occasions including weddings and birthday parties when a person wants to look their best. You can reduce your prices but also suggest an add on (healing lotion, gifts such as novelty eye masks, personalized pins etc.)

Special occasion treatments are known to cost a lot of money so it’s good to work within your client’s budget. Find your friends who are expecting a wedding or a baby shower where they want picture perfect photos that involve looking their best for photos and personal health.

What Other Approaches Can I Take To Get Ahead In The Industry?

In a future article, we can explain the ways to make a living as a personal trainer as opposed to the medical approach for body contouring. But for now, it can be quick and easy to get a special deal on contouring the body with modern physical techniques.

You definitely will need to find guidance as you go, such as a mentor in your field or a friend to help. Once you’ve obtained certification, you can offer your clients a pay as you go plan if feel they are trustworthy and you’re not hard up on money right away. Otherwise, you can create a plan for a single and full payment before the service.

Join links with a medical spa and ensure a spot as a resident to enhance your job idea. Think about teaming up with other services such as the beauty industry with permanent makeup artists who are established in their salons. You can also try to market in gyms with a personal training plan that can be included in a bundle for those who want to contour their bodies and look their best.