The PMU Artist Path: How to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

With a global pandemic, many search to side hustles and the permanent cosmetic business has been booming. Those who are afraid of tattoos but love the look of permeant makeup to feel great from the second they wake up are the ideal clients in the beauty industry and can make entrepreneurs themselves. Whether it’s your own or your client’s eyebrows or lips, many prefer to enhance their beauty with cosmetic procedures and shy away from going under the knife with plastic surgery. This is where cosmetic tattooing comes in.

How To Become A Permanent Makeup Artist 101

A skilled tattoo artist will tell you that the ink on your skin is permanent and requires touch ups to keep the makeup looking great. As a beauty enthusiast myself, I set out to find the wise words of the experts about why permanent makeup is so important for confidence and how to get into the industry.

First Things First…Safety First!

In order to get into the cosmetic beauty business, you have to pass a medical test. Makeup artistry requires a skill set and only trained professionals can lead you on the right course. Many local tattoo parlors offer apprentice gigs for you to practice your craft in a controlled environment. If you prefer the organic attempt and training at your own speed, it’s important to look for proper training online.

Seek out social media influencers and doctors with a clue on proper techniques such as bloodborne pathogen training that requires a certification to start your business. When you want to make it in the permanent makeup industry, your certifications tell all. Getting into the permanent makeup industry takes dedication and training to define your work as an independent artist.

What Are Some Different Fields In The Industry?


Microblading and soft powder shading make it easy to look flawless without the concentration on your eyebrows during your makeup routine. This simple tattoo technique enhances your natural brows with tattooed strokes that only requires touchups half a year. Ask your clients if they want a regular look or the latest trend like ombre brows with different colors to suit the theme of a special occasion.

Lip Blushing

Many women aren’t comfortable with their natural lip color and permanent lip blushing can accentuate their look. This non-surgical tattooing technique can be partnered with lip liner for a full pout.

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a technique used to cover acne scars by collagen injections. In order to perform this technique professionally, you may need to find a licensed dermatologist and a special course to earn your diploma.

Eyelash Extension

Everyone can use a little boost in their makeup routine. Eyelash extensions require precision and a regular clientele who will come back for touch-ups. A steady hand is important if you’re going into this specific field.

How Do I Achieve A Permanent Makeup License?

Like any other job, you’ll need to work on your skills to create a business of your own. Permanent makeup training is a good step to start with under the guide of a professional. Once you have certification, consider reaching out on social media for a live model to demonstrate your skills. You and your model can post the finished product with your Facebook and Instagram handles to add more traction to your business.

Make sure to hashtag yourself with your expertise. Whether it’s eyeliner, brows, or lip blushing, your potential clients can find the service they need with a simple Google search. Other skills you may need are a simple color theory, such as what looks better on pale vs. darker skin or what accentuates your client’s eye or hair shades. Keep in mind that these changes can alter over time, so it’s definitely vital to maintain a relationship with your clients whether on a friend basis or a professional attitude.

The Professionals Weigh In…To Makeup Or To Break Up?

Eloise is a professional tattoo artist who began her foray into cosmetic tattooing within the past two years. Her client base is built of alternative models and former clients who wanted to enhance their makeup without the pesky routine of putting it on every morning. She stresses the importance of fine details and following up with future appointments to keep the makeup pristine and pro.

Amy is also a cosmetic technician on the East Coast across the map from Eloise. Her experience involves a love for makeup and being a modelling coach before she found the industry of permanent cosmetics. Her advice includes direct communication with clients and proper certification to ensure a proper service. Using social media, both Eloise and Amy can advertise sales and special offers to engage their clients and attract newcomers.

Where Is The Catch?

In order to be a permanent makeup artist, you need to invest in your craft and your own identity. This also involves saving money for special equipment, salon space, and freelance taxes every year. Overall, if you’re interested in the beauty industry then this career is just right for you. Discipline, talent, and a love for your client’s needs are just of a few of the many things you will need to have at hand.