Why Is Permanent Makeup So Hot Right Now? Your Potential Clients Tell The Secrets Of How They Can Feel Beautiful In Their Own Skin

What Do Clients Think About Permanent Makeup?

You may have seen a boom in the permanent makeup business among your friends and on social media. Some accounts share bad results of microblading and powder brows while most explore how beneficial a great look is to build a customer’s confidence in their beauty routine. Recently, I’ve interviewed clients with first hand experience as what it’s like to get PMU (permanent makeup) services and why they absolutely love the results and come back for more.

If you’re not familiar with permanent makeup and the tattooing process, there are certain popular services that clients are drawn to. Microblading and powder brows create natural looking eyebrows for those who want a better look without using makeup everyday. Lip blushing enhances lip color to appear darker and more dramatic (or natural, up to the client’s request.) Lastly, another popular technique is tattooed eyeliner that eliminates the need for cosmetic products during a regular makeup routine in the morning.

Meet Mary: How Permanent Cosmetics Changed Her Life

Mary found brow artist Mandy S. when I posted on Facebook about her free makeup services for those with hair loss due to health conditions. Mary has alopecia, a rare autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss all over the body and is especially noticeable from lack of eyebrows. She was used to wearing wigs, drawing in her eyebrows many times a day, and applying fake eyelashes in order to “pass” as someone who wasn’t sick.

With microblading and eyelash extensions, Mary found her confidence from the first session with Mandy S.’s techniques as a skilled artist. She regularly returns to the salon for touch-ups every year or so and feels that it’s more comfortable to go out in public with permanent makeup.

Elle: The PMU Client Turned PMU Artist

Elle has a very different story leading to her love of permanent cosmetics. She has been a tattoo artist for many years and saw many clients come in looking for facial tattooing but initially found it frowned upon before researching microblading and how she can enhance her own business by working independently. She found it helpful to start as a client and experience the process as itself and document the healing experience.

Elle found out the importance of communication between the artist and client together. With recommendations from previous clients and word of mouth, she would have never found the proper results she needed or the ambition to expand her talents to permanent makeup. Elle quickly looked into certification such as blood borne pathogen training to become a tattoo artist and a permanent makeup technician with a few weeks training in the state of Texas. Today, she charges $350-$500 a session for tattooed makeup.

Kelly: Fitness Blogger and Influencer

Kelly had a career as a personal trainer before having her first daughter with her husband. She documented her journey on YouTube and quickly gained an organic following with diet and fitness techniques. The numbers of views raised and she was able to take time off of her gym job to focus on her mommy schedule and regular blogging. After baby C arrived, Kelly was encouraged by her followers to keep up with weekly uploads due to her growing fanbase.

In order to maintain her weekly video schedule, Kelly would have to balance her family life with waking up early to get camera ready for her videos. This always wasn’t easy with a newborn and she found her once healthy lifestyle began to suffer. With luck, her fans and followers assured her beauty shines naturally on screen but if she wanted to have a special look, perhaps permanent makeup would be a good choice. The confidence and convenience of permanent brows and lip blushing made it easier and quicker for Kelly to get ready in the morning, appease her audience, and spend more time with her growing family.

These three women are just a few examples of happy clients with the help of permanent makeup. If you’re looking into getting a cosmetic service, check out some testimonials from clients and artists themselves before choosing a reputable salon. .