How To Start Your Own Glitter Business [on a tight budget]

How To Start A Glitter Business For Beginners

Sparkle and shine with traditional glitter products for makeup and more! Craft glitter is an important item in everyone’s craft supplies with a variety in colors and sizes. When you have a passion for crafts, the glitter business is the way to go. Here in this article, we’ll talk about different types of glitter you can use in your products to market to potential customers who prefer the shining side of life.

What Are Some Small Businesses That Involve Glitter?

1. A glitter tumbler makes a personalized gift for your friends and family as well as an item that is popular in stores. Using craft glitter and epoxy, you can create gorgeous solar system inspired glassware to sell. Tumblers are great for water, mixed drinks, and iced coffee as a personalized item with a glittering emblem.

2. Create biodegradable glitter for weddings and celebration in leu of hazardous confetti that can pollute the landfill. This type can replace plastic glitter with the same amount of sparkle. You can market these products to a wedding vendor or panning supervisor with the help of the married couple.

3. Glitter glue is great for instant craft enhancements and is fun to make using craft glue and colorful glitter at home. Think about mixing up some glitter glue in small containers and market it to craft people or families with kids who like using glitter for their school projects.

4. A glitter bomb is a fun prank for parties with glitter in envelopes to surprise the recipient. You can market glitter bombs to send in the mail as a funny gag gift or present them at parties with notes of encouragement.

5. A glitter product is very versatile in different colors to add to cosmetics you can make in the lab or at home. One way to avoid a horrible glitter product is to look up FDA approved ingredients for glittery makeup such as eyeshadow, lipstick, and highlighter.

What Are Some Tips To Start A Glitter Business?

– Try organic promotion through social media. Come up with a good name that helps out your full business that may not be limited to glitter sales. Perhaps your makeup line may shine with glittery products but you want to branch out into other fun products. Maybe you could choose a vague cosmetics approach instead while branding your unique merchandise. “Gloss and Glam” is already taken, but consider a catchy name such as that.

– Do research on social media and social settings to see what’s big in the glittery world of cosmetics and beyond. Your friends and family may prefer dramatic glitter tumblers while others love to wear shimmering eye makeup every day. If you’re thinking local, market to your customers nearby.

– Think outside the box. The big picture may seem like starting a glitter business needs a dramatic plan for special looks and products. However, some may actually prefer a subtle glow with services including self tanning for a natural look. Consult resources from beauty salons and the internet to find a way to market a more natural approach as to not scare away repeat customers.

– Find quality wholesale or biodegradable glitter and advertise as such! You do not want to get in trouble for false marketing especially when your customers are looking for specific products. You can also stand out with special glitters that aren’t well known as long as you market the correct product.

– Practice, practice, practice! Platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have many videos of makeup applications and how to create crafts using glitter. You may also choose to set up your own account and demonstrate your products at a marketing angle. There, you can invite viewers to check out your online store and leave you feedback on how to improve.

What Are The Proper Prices For The Glitter Business?

1. Wholesale glitter can be about $5 for craft glitter sales. Epoxy may range to $5 to $10 a bottle. You need to put in these prices to your own work. A classic tumbler can be sold for $15 – $20 with only $5 in craft supplies.

2. Makeup is a great product for your glitter business. You can explore selling glittering lipstick for $10-$20 as a homemade product that requires paying for supplies. Bronzer and eyeshadow can be upwards of $20-$30 with a palette of different colors and intensity.

3. Consider glitter in your packaging, no matter what you’re selling! Many consumers love individual envelopes with the products they purchase, some glitter confetti, and a handwritten note. A sprinkle of glitter from the craft supply store will only cost you a few cents and you can make even more money when your customers post their positive reviews on social media.

4. You will want to make sure your items aren’t a horrible glitter product, unless you’re sending out a gag gift! Glitter bombs are always popular for $10 – $15 a pop that can be sent right to the mailbox for a fun surprise.

5. Look to selling glitter craft kits to make at home. A full kit can be $20 – $50 with simple craft supplies from discount stores including glassware and glitter. You’ll need to create custom packaging to make your brand stand out from the rest so feel free to add them into the cost of the product.

Where Are The Best Places To Sell Glitter Products?

A craft fair is an amazing place to sell individual items. Showcase your talents with a glittering table to hit the light and stand out from the crowd. You will need to rent a booth for $50 – $100 for a local show or upwards of $400 for a large trade event. Make sure to budget like an expert and put in the amount of time and products you can sell to get your money’s worth.

You can also rent out spaces in a salon for your products. Look around to see local spots where customers can be recommended o items to enhance their beauty routine. Another way to sell is to offer a “Girl’s Night” where potential customers can enjoy a glass of wine and try out makeup with a discount on purchases.

If you’re new to the industry, consider joining a team established in sales. From this point, you can create virtual parties on Facebook and Instagram live streams and sell your products to the first or highest bidder. An additional sales technique is to make a live crafting event after you send out packaged material to show your customers how to make their own products.

The Bottom Line Of The Glitter Business

Much like any other crafts, getting into glitter works requires dedication and skills. Whether you’re selling wholesale glitter or making it into special tumblers, you will benefit from getting your name out there and create a lasting impression on your customers.

There are many competitors in the crafting industry, so it is most important to stand out in the crowd. Maybe glitter shades such as aqua is popular at the moment, you can enhance the color trend by marketing a vibrant teal!

The most important thing is to have your glitter business one of a kind. You can enhance your popularity with special looks and products to get the attention o influencers and celebrities or even your own local heroes. Let your creativity shine through and be sure to ask about what your audience would like to see next to keep up with the trends.