How to Start a Crystal Business [The Right Ways To Price & Market]

How To Start A Crystal Business 101

Crystal healing is more and more popular these days for spirituality and emotional purposes. Many of us have experienced the joy of playing with tumbled stones at stores and considered using them at home for energy healing and therapeutic purposes. A common practice for crystal fans are to recharge their own energy by putting crystals in the sunlight and feeling the inner strength with the charged stone.

Why not take your love of crystals to the next level and become a crystal seller? You’ll need a good supply, knowledge of the topic, and advertise to an audience of potential customers. Here’s a quick and easy guide to get ahead in the crystal shop business.

What Does It Take To Become A Crystal Seller? Five Ways To Break Into The Business

1. As with any industry. you’ll need a catchy business name. Many look to crystals for holistic healing, so consider adding that to your title. Sometimes a few word name stands out for those who sell quality products. Vague names such as “Enigma East” or “Euphoric Energy” speak for themselves and may stand out for your target audience.

2. Find quality wholesale crystals and make sure to market them as so. Quartz crystal is a great option for aesthetic purposes and true to natural crystal routines. You can also expand your inventory with gemstone products that feature different energies. For example, it has been said that the agate stone can enhance balance with other types like tiger’s eye builds courage.

3. You’ll be better at advertising if you know the ins and outs of different types of precious gems and healing energy. Many of your potential customers are very knowledgeable in the topic so you don’t want to look like an amateur. Consider attending workshops and even conducting them yourself to get feedback and advice.

4. Stand out from the crowd with nonlocal stones you can’t find anywhere else but overseas. Perhaps you live in a beach town with shores full of sea glass but no opal to be found. Look to international wholesale gemstone sellers to fill the void your potential customers may need. You can figure out shipping and packaging costs per your work and labor, as well as what you choose to charge for a single crystal or a multipack of stones.

5. If you prefer to go the local route, you may need to open up a proper storefront and pay rent. A great way to advertise is through social media and recommendations, whether word of mouth or reviews from your customers. Consider looking into hiring a social media expert if you’re still questioning your business ideas.

What Should I Charge For Crystals and Gemstone Accessories?

– You can buy bulk crystals online from wholesale stores such as Ali Express and Etsy for only a few dollars; however, shipping and quality may be questionable whenever your order arrives. Another option is to go to a crystal and rock convention and pick up international gems. These you can sell for more than what they’re worth. such as $10 for a $5 gemstone. Include shipping prices if you’re mailing out crystals!

– Invest in booth space at craft shows when you want to work independently. Craft show can be from $40 to a few hundred depending on your booth size and value of your products. Once you come up with a good price for your products and a perfect display, you can make back your fees if you get a larger audience.

– Consider a package deal. Most people use crystals for therapeutic purposes daily so they will need more than one at a time. Consider a great bundle with easy prices such as $5 a piece or 4 for $20. You can mix and match different colors and crystal beads with pretty packaging for a thoughtful gift.

– Promotion is one of the most important steps to owning and operating a crystal business. You’ll need to start with professional social media accounts of course, including posts with pictures and SEO keywords to describe your product. Another great way to get your business out there is to seek out influencers or even close friends who can promote your product in exchange for a sample.

– Keep consistent with your products. Look to your highest selling items and maintain the quality for other sales. You may want to focus a bit more of your promo on popular products with links to similar merchandise that could become the next big hit.

Who Should I Market My Crystals To? Five Types of Crystal Customers

1. Trendsetters, especially ones with a bohemian or “hippie” aesthetic. You may consider posting in crystal groups and getting inspiration from DIY fashion if you’re going for the crystal jewelry route instead of selling stones by themselves.

2. Those who believe in crystal healing properties, as long as you don’t market your crystals as a medical cure. Think of advertising crystals for comfort and relaxation, as well as helping with certain energies.

3. Fellow crafters who make jewelry, including crystal beads necklaces and pendants. If you’re selling individual stones not made into an accessory, you can market these pieces as great for wire wrapping and polishing at home. It’s important to use high quality pictures of the items while also staying careful not to promise too much – a stone may look red to you but your buyer could complain if it’s more rust colored in their eyes.

4. Local potential customers who frequent craft shows for original pieces. This could be anyone from a stay at home parent to a fashionable business woman. The more unique you make the business the better! Look to advertising that appeals to both men and women of all ages, you don’t want to scare anyone off with gender focused wording such as “girly” or “masculine.”

5. People in the know about crystals and gemstones who are looking for the latest on the market. You’ll need to market yourself to people who have been buying crystals for years which can be intimidating but worth the challenge. With so many businesses out there, your webpage for online selling should be very different than the others. Maybe you have a creative backstory about your family in the crystal trade or why you chose this market? Make sure you research well and offer your answers to any personal or professional questions.

Don’t Get Discouraged If You’re Not Successful Right Away!

As stated, being a crystal seller is more popular than ever and many of your potential customers have already purchased from other sellers. This can be scary at first, but with positive reviews and proper quality products, there could be success in your future.

This is a business that can benefit from the support of your family and friends who can give you honest feedback and help you with promotion. A lot of people would be happy to show off custom crystals and get the word out there in exchange for a pretty piece.

You can also get good feedback by looking to local boutiques to see if they have any interest in your crystals for consignment. Trusted retailers will return your products if they’re not selling and you can always try a different location! You can only get better at your crystal business over time, so don’t give up right away. Look to logic and marketing as a business owner while still keeping your individuality to attract new customers.