Best Ways to Sell Microgreens as a New Business Owner

How Do I Grow Microgreens For Extra Money?

What are microgreens? If you’re a fan of healthy vegetables to add to salads and smoothies, you may be looking for nutrition at the grocery store. However, the microgreens market is booming for those who look to sell at home and popular for any buyers who likes to shop local businesses rather than a big box retailer.

You will need a little more experience and licenses to join the world of microgreens business as an individual or part of a full team. Learn more about how to go from seed to soil and selling microgreens with our helpful guide!

Try To Grow Microgreens For Yourself First Before Selling

You can find microgreen seeds such as pea shoots and other vegetable varieties at the grocery store and local farmers market. From there, you can experiment with soils, waters, and nutrients to create a great blend that you enjoy sharing with your friends and family.

It’s always ok to try out different methods. Some prefer vertical farming and transplanting into trays when the seeds have bloomed. Other people would choose farming in an open field with other plants such as tomatoes and flowering trees. Growing microgreens is sometimes a long but rewarding process in itself.

How Can I Sell Microgreens When They’re Ready?

You’ll need to know food safety laws in your area. There could be laws for indoor farming and a license to determine if your microgreens are ready for sale. The best bet is to consider community supported agriculture groups and learn how to go through with the process.

When you want your business to stand out, you’ll need a proper name and a business model. First, you will need to grab a license if it’s required in your state and develop a business plan with a name and idea. You should also read the Food Safety Modernization Act for special insight on your new business.

Other Ways to Sell Microgreens Safely

Once you’ve learned your state laws and where you would like to sell them (road side in your neighborhood, a local market, or trying a nearby restaurant are a few ideas!) you will want to make your fresh microgreens stand out in their packaging. Google market research for easy and fun product names. It’s always simple to go through your ingredients with keywords such as “sprouts” or “baby greens.”

Next, you will want to think of packaging. Many local customers in a rural neighborhood would be happy to grab a package from a tray while tourists may prefer a clamshell container to transport to your home. Even when you’re selling organic microgreens, you can still encounter picky customers who look for presentation.

How Can I Sell Microgreens To Restaurants?

You won’t be able to sell your fresh microgreens to popular chains like Applebees and TGI Fridays. Instead, look to local businesses who offer farm fresh and native ingredients instead. It’s better to cater to a clientele of hungry customers looking for something new and crispy rather than regular fried foods.

What Makes Microgreens So Popular These Days?

As a child, my parents collected microgreens rather than buy the old greying salads at the store. We would put spouts on salads, sandwiches, and burgers at cookouts for more nutrition. As this was many years ago, they required college degrees and years of experience. Luckily, there is multiple resources on platforms such as TikTok and web searches to find the best way to make harvesting into a career.

You don’t need an expansive greenhouse to grow your own vegetables! Look to small grow kits to find your plants coming to life indoors. If you’re unsure about your microgreens, you can look over their health and if you feel they’re suitable for eating before selling them to the public.

Can I Sell Microgreens Online?

Microgreens can be sold online if you invest in a proper cooler for shipping, although it’s possible your plants may not make the trip. Instead, you can create your own package with microgreen seeds for customers to grow at home. Add to your package with instructions on the best soil and growing process for newcomers looking to raise their own veggies in the comfort of their backyard.

Where Can I Find Success In Selling Microgreens?

You’re most likely to be able to sell microgreens with a quality product, promotions, and a customer base looking for fresh vegetables. A farm stand or a local restaurant are the greatest places to look for potential and reoccurring buyers that can find you online with an attractive business card or flyer.

How Much Should I Charge For Microgreens?

Pricing is never simple as a person just getting into the food business and selling microgreens. Consider the price of store bought veggies at Walmart in your area and market to your audience at farmers markets and local restaurants – your fresh pea sprouts are worth more than a bag of wilted lettuce!

With the quality of your veggies comes extra responsibility, much like any food product. By investing in quality soil and seeds, you can grow your own microgreens and sell them for the profit you deserve.

A great way to determine your price is considering what you would like to pay. This could be $10 for a tray of sprouts while it’s %5 at the supermarket. Take in your time, labor, and competition to make your money back. The next stage is success!