How Much Does it Cost to Start an Eyelash Business [Savings Tips]

Make Your Clients Feel Beautiful and Stand Out With Professional Eyelashes!

So you’ve decided to join the eyelash business as a permanent makeup artist or looking to sell false lashes for beauty and glam? Congratulations on the next step of your career! The eyelash industry is becoming increasingly popular as many women are looking to quickly enhance their look with long lasting results. But how much does it cost to start a eyelash business? We’ll break it down into an easy and brief guide to get you started.

Five Important Investments For An Eyelash Business

1. Publicity is free through social media and word of mouth; however, you may need to set up a professional website and pay for promotion if you want more. Web domains generally range from $5 – $20 per year as is but you will need extra cash for a host unless you find a package deal. This can pay off over time if you entice your customers with a professional looking page.

2. Keep in mind when you’re first starting off that sometimes you need to spend money to make money. Whether you’re marketing eyelash extension treatment or wholesale mink lashes, you could look into a sponsorship with a influencer and offer your product/service as exchange for publicity. Do your research and make sure you don’t fall for a scam!

3. Look to renting a seat in a salon as an eyelash extension technician. This ranges from $400 – $1.200 a month depending on the establishment and your region. Try to make a deal with the salon owners to own all commission money in exchange for rental fees or a lower rent to split sales.

4. Not a lash tech and simply want to get into the business as an eyelash vendor? You can choose the e-commerce route and dish out 20% to 30% of your profit, along with shipping fees if those are not included. Another option would be renting a booth at a trade show or beauty conventions for $400 upwards of thousands, depending on how big the show and how big your booth is.

Remember that promotion is always key so if you draw a crowd then your fees may be paid off. Always make the quality of your product and branding your focal point. You can purchase eyelash packaging wholesale for a few bucks and customize at home or hire a pro company for a few bucks a pop or go all out with wholesale paper boxes ranging about $250 plus for a set of 500.

5. Considering spending more to work independently rather than a salon and upsale your services by offering extra treatments as a package deal. Lash extension requires professional training and FDA certification so this can be a setback for working from home as a technician but not for selling wholesale mink lashes. Maybe you can offer a complete beauty package of homemade cosmetics, such as lip balms moisturizer for $50 – $100 depending on the cost of product and success of your brand.

If you want to go the full route of being a salon owner after your experience in the industry, you will need to have the credentials of shopping for the right space within your budget (don’t forget a trusty real estate expert!) However, as an owner, you can rent out salon space and make your own prices. Eyelash extensions can be $100 – $200 for your clients and you can also offer them a discounted fill for $50 – $75 yo keep them showing up at your door.

Prepare To Budget In The Eyelash Business

It is vital to not bat an eye at your expenses and investments when it comes to eyelashes. You really need to come up with a business plan and set aside money as an investment so you make it, rather than break it. Though a lot of this list may seem costly, by knowing your worth and pricing accordingly your dream can pay off!