How Much Does a Lash Tech Make? [Tips From Top Earners]

Make Your Lash Passion A New Career!

Being a lash tech means you help your clients feel beautiful with fake eyelashes or lash extensions. A lash stylist works within their clients needs to become an expert in the beauty industry. But how much do you make as an eyelash tech? Here some lash experts weigh in.

The Costs of Training Vs Payout of Being a Lash Tech

Amanda is a certified lash technician at a salon in Rhode Island where she rents a booth in a beauty salon for around $600 a month. Before she was certified, she completed a $500 training course at a popular beautify school in order to be able to apply lash extensions under FDA standards. Working full time in the salon, she averages her salary to be about $50,000 a year with or without tips from her clients.

Selling High Quality False Lashes To Clients

Sarah is part of a beauty company where she markets false lash products such as mink lask treatments for clients in another shared salon. Clients can reach her over her personal social media or the salon website. Since mink lashes are inexpensive, her clients pay about $50 for application with special lash glue so she can see many potential customers per day. Sarah averages about $20-$25 per hour.

Using Social Media To Promote Your Lash Business

Kati has over 2,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram each platform. She’s also a lash expert in the beauty industry that promotes mostly through social media. It is virtually free to make posts about booking a lash appointment and share customers natural lash looks with before and after pics. Kati often offers holiday specials and pairs up with makeup artists for a full transformation where she makes about 50% profit – one glam makeover can be around $400 for a special event such as a wedding and some promotional photoshoots.

Look To The Lash To Earn Big In The Beauty Industry

The quality of your lash extensions and professional manner is what’s most important to get your clients coming back. Unlike permanent makeup such as microblading, your customers need regular touch-ups for lash extensions. You can offer specials such as Amanda’s service of $150 for the first set and $50 for a touch up in a month if done correctly.

Overall, being a lash tech is a high paying job according to experts. Like all professions, you will need to promote and create a great brand that pays out over time.