How Much Does Skillshare Pay Youtubers to Promote Courses?

What Is Skillshare?

If you’re a YouTuber or watch enough YouTube, you’re sure to have heard about Skillshare by now. Skillshare is a platform for teachers and content creators to lead online courses with any topic ranging from photo editing to language skills in order to excel as a professional and an individual. Skillshare is a popular sponsor for the top rated YouTube creators who get a cut from viewers that sign up for the site with their promo code.

But how much can you make from Skillshare as a Youtuber? The answers are vague but we have a few that cover the basics in order to get a start.

Who does Skillshare sponsor on YouTube?

Skillshare tends to sponsor lifestyle vloggers with a larger following than most. Content creators who specialize in real life challenges, fashion, and makeup generally start their videos with a short Skillshare ad to promote photo editing and social media skills. Smaller channels aren’t as likely to get sponsorship offers as much as bigger names and sometimes the top YouTube creators don’t need sponsors at all but choose programs such as Skillshare that they stand by to promote to subscribers.

How much does Skillshare pay YouTubers?

YouTubers could be contacted by Skillshare representatives, or the other way around. From there, the creators and company can come up with a deal for the best price. There may be the option of an affiliate where the creator receives a percentage of money through people signing up to Skillshare under their own promotional handle. This is tricky to pinpoint an exact number of earnings as some courses can be $20 a monthly class or $100 for a full yearly season of education and the percentage the YouTuber makes depends on the overall value.

Nowadays, YouTubers with a ton of followers are ready to receive a sponsorship request from Skillshare and other companies who are looking to make a buck from their audience. Content creators have reported making $7-$10 each affiliate click while others are paid a discreet and specific direct payment for a 10 second to one minute ad spot on their videos.

How Do YouTubers Negotiate Payments?

Sponsors are looking for popularity based on the YouTube channel views. A common plan is payment for CPMS or RPM which means cash for every thousand views of the video. They can also check out your popular videos and negotiate the offers based on how much they think they can make from your fanbase. Skillshare is a pretty easy sponsor when it comes to diverse content, but the company is still a business at the end of the day and are less likely to pick controversial channels than an every day family blogger.

If you’re still unsure about sponsoring with Skillshare, look to YouTubers you admire and consider signing up under their links. If you’re not interested in being an affiliate, maybe teaching a Skillshare course is the way to go!