How much does a Car Wash Make?

How Much Does A Car Wash Make?

A car wash business can be a hit or miss depending on customers and traffic in your area as seen in popular shows such as “Breaking Bad.” There is a vast difference between a self serve automatic car wash and a full service business within a franchise owner. In this article, we’ll break down the costs and earnings for you as a business owner.

How Much Do Car Wash Franchise Owners Make?

Your regular car franchise owner can gain a franchise fee of $500,000 to $900,000 according to the Huston Chronicle. This does not include attendents wages or rental fees. It is up to the business owner to pay their employees a wage that helps their profit margin to keep the cash flow as equal as possible. Other things you may need to consider is upselling items including air fresheners and windshield wipes that are easy and cheap to grab and go at the checkout counter.

Where Is The Money In Self Serve Car Washes?

Self service car washes are easy for customers and can save you money on customer service. However, you will need to provide more equipment such as window wash and squeegees for windows and you may need to have to personally buy them as a carwash owner to set up a station. This can range a car wash franchise $55,000 to $100,000 per year depending on the location and the amount of traffic.

Automated and Detailed Stations – What’s To Know?

Some people prefer to take care of their own car but don’t have the space in their garage to detail the tires or interior. You can offer your own supplies or services to create a shining and new appeal that will their vehicle looking good as new. Find resources such as the International Carwash Association for rules and regulations.

Proper Customer Service – Is It Important?

No matter if you have an automated car wash service or a self serve business, there should be some special attendents helping you thrive. Many car washes offer weekly deals such as $5 for a total wash for a full service solution with the help of friendly professionals.

The Bottom Line Of Making Money In The Car Wash Business

Like any other jobs, running a car wash takes skills and business experts to make a name for yourself on the market. It’s important to seek out references before starting your career and assessing prices on the market to decide if you want a higher paying crowd or those looking for a discount deal.

As a business manager new in the field, you can look to tips and tricks from family members or use your childhood skills of washing cars if you’re looking to do detailing work. Learn the ins and outs of car washes such as exterior and interior work and make your service stand out with specifics. Certain things need to be remembered such as cleaning the door handle thoroughly and tire rims.