How to Make More Money on Skillshare [tips from top earners]

How Can I Make More Money On Skillshare?

If you’re a popular YouTuber or someone who watches YouTube regularly, you are sure to have run into ads for Skillshare affiliates. Skillshare is an online learning community that can be accessed through your PC or phone to follow thousands of online courses ranging from photo editing to learning new languages.

Whether you’re an expert in the field or know how to develop new skills as you go, Skillshare is a place to advance your career. Even if Skillshare seems like an easy sponsorship as a new creator, there are a few different ways to maximize your earnings on this platform to benefit you and the company alike.

What Are Some Examples of Skillshare Earners?

1. Makeup artists

Julie V. is a makeup artist who needs special editing to make her fast paced videos showing her transformations. She was contacted by Skillshare to sign up for free classes as a sponsorship program and made money to advertise the website. Julie was offered $7-10 for everyone who signed up under her link and a referral bonus with undisclosed amounts.

2. Popular vloggers

Betty S. is a popular true crime vlogger who promotes Skillshare as an ad before her videos. This internet celebrity earns roughly 10 cents per click which means she can make around $500 to $1,000 a month if she reaches 1,000 viewers. She stresses that it is important to speak on what you know, such as her favorite topics including law and history.

3. Athlete training

Rob W. is a medal winning athlete who offers fitness classes online. Through Skillshare, he can make extra money by doing online courses about strength training and exercises. Rob is an advanced Skillshare teacher for one on one courses that average about $10 a month for new subscribers or $100 a year at the minimum. He predicts his average income through Skillshare has been upwards of $1000 for online workouts and one on one courses.

4. Modeling

Manda T is a professional model who uses her image as her brand. She teaches pro posing classes on Skillshare and gets paid for 10-60 minute clips. Manda sponsors through programs such as Skillshare and the paid per click program, or CPM that means she is getting around 10 cents for every person that clicks on her link and upwards of 1,000 clicks to make money!

5. Digital retouching

Katlin is a pro photographer with years of experience retouching photos on Photoshop. In her Skillshare program, she teaches the basics of digital retouching, including smoothing her models’ skin and changing the background in nature shots. She also offers a plan of $100 for subscribers to see bi-weekly videos and learn more about photo editing.

6. Language instructors

Chad takes his love for international travel to his successful gig as a language teacher on Skillshare. Without any prior formal training, Chad taught himself a dozen foreign languages and wants others to learn as well. He runs monthly Spanish, French, and Italian courses for $100 a year but a discount package of $250 if his students sign up for all three.

Is There a Way to Upsell on Skillshare?

Skillshare is generally known for sponsoring popular YouTubers and instructors who are sure to bring in money to the company. A good way to upsell is to pick your own price plan and work up when you have more interested customers or subscribers to your YouTube channel.

There isn’t a definitive payment through Skillshare but you can negotiate with the company if you’re approached directly for an affiliate program or sponsorship. The more people interested in your services, the higher the offer will be.

It’s best to not overcharge a potential customer or they will go to another person with similar services and a better price. Look to your competition and offer additional services, such as one on one courses and direct messages for more money.

What Makes Skillshare Different From Competitors?

Skillshare offers teaching programs much like competitive websites including Fiverr where users can set their own prices and deadlines. The difference is Skillshare is directly for teaching skills such as workout routines and language courses while Fiverr can be for direct work like music reviews and audio clips.

As Skillshare gains popularity among the YouTube audience, more and more people are flocking to this platform. Special ad spots from top YouTubers bring in more of a crowd and revenue for instructors and affiliates. Skillshare can be a worthy investment of money and time for anyone who wants a gig that combines with their interests.

If you’re interested in learning more about Skillshare as a YouTube creator and/or an instructor in a specific field, feel free to click through our other articles about this topic. There’s always a way to share your skills with your audience and enhance your life as well as your customer’s knowledge.