How to become a Skillshare teacher

How To Become A Skillshare Teacher In One Two Three!

A Skillshare class or a full course can bring you in extra earnings as a side gig or a full time career. Skillshare courses can cover everything from makeup tutorials to language classes. There’s a reason this website is so popular with famous YouTubers!

But how easy is it to get into Skillshare? Those with SEO and marketing backgrounds can easily make an account and draw in extra revenue, but those new to the freelance market may have some questions. In this article, we will go into what it takes to make success on the Skillshare platform.

Try Out Skillshare With A Free Trial

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you must have heard of Skillshare by now. This website is a common sponsor from popular YouTubers who offer discounts with affiliate codes. Users can also sign up for Skillshare on the spot to get one month free of learning courses through the website.

Plug in through Skillshare using your social media and share with your network your abilities. If the site is not for you, you can simply cancel before the free trial runs out. Another option is to use affiliate codes for 20% to 50% off depending on the content creator.

How Does Skillshare Compare With Other Websites?

Sites offering services such as udemy courses and LinkedIn Learning offer very similar online courses as Skillshare to share online courses. The difference is Skillshare is way more popular for a younger crowd who trust in their favorite YouTube content creators to promote a great program. The platform is for people of all ages to learn a special skill through a successful teacher that they admire or will grow to admire as long as they’re helping to exceed their goals!

Where Do I Find My Skill On Skillshare?

Once you sign up as a teacher and register with tax information, you can develop your own programs for students. As the saying goes “find what you love and never work a day in your life!” Your gig as a course creator should only be what you know best to your knowledge and can be anything from video editing to business proposals.

Some of the highest paying earners on Skillshare are part time photographers and media specialists who simply enjoy the work behind the camera. Others include art designers that will teach how to sell a personalized painting that the client requests.

Will I Make A Lot Of Money On Skillshare?

There are many teachers on Skillshare who make a passive income on the platform for extra cash on the side. Alternatively, Skillshare can be a full time career for the highest paying earners gaining an extra $100,000 in their bank account every year. Though that goal can seem staggering and unrealistic, it’s possible to obtain with hard work and the help of a social media following.

The 10 Dos and Don’t Of Becoming A Skillshare Teacher

1. Don’t sign up when you’re completely broke. Even though Skillshare offers free trials, you may need to spend more for marketing and advertising your courses. Much like other online websites, you will have to work for your money.

2. Do engage with your students. If you’re offering a package deal for one on one conversations with premium students, you will have to be free for any e-mails with questions they’re bound to have.

3. Don’t neglect your finances. Taxes for freelance teachers can be very high depending on the state you live in. Set aside a budget depending on how much you look to make on Skillshare.

4. Do keep in mind that this can be a temporary job. Many people put all their eggs in one basket and find themselves without an income if the market dries up. You may see work piling in one week and nothing the next. Be thrifty and provide the best skills you can!

5. Don’t give up if things aren’t going your way. Maybe you haven’t reached success as a professional cook with step by step instructions on Skillshare – but maybe, your flan recipe will reach the right audience the next day.

6. Do invest in the right equipment to teach courses. Skillshare content creators use high quality video and audio equipment to create their teaching lessons. You can easily start out with a webcam and microphone but also level up to a special camera that records better sounds.

7. Don’t copy anyone! Your students and subscribers are looking for the best people in their fields and you need to stand out from the crowd. Use your quirks to your advantage and showcase your personality to get more traction to your business plan.

8. Do learn from the process. You may receive criticism as you start that can cause you to feel ready to give up on the entire job. Take notes and comment into heart so you can better your courses as a teacher.

9. Don’t forget to change your information if your account has been inactive. Maybe you’ve gotten married or moved into a different house? Websites for freelancers need this information to keep your account active.

10. Feel free to have fun! People love to see goofy videos and feel connected to you as a teacher. Include your own bloopers and yourself stumbling over pronunciation.

Where Do I Go As A Skillshare Teacher?

With any teaching jobs, you have to be dependent on your own strengths. From there, you can progress as a professional and continue through Skillshare as well as other platforms.

Whether you sign up for passive income or a full time career, you can be able to step back and take a deep breath before launching into another gig. All that you need is your strongest skill and determination!