How to Start a Press on Nail Business [Show Your Wild Style!]

Thinking About Starting A Press On Nail Business At Home?

Custom nails are certainly eye catching with unique designs to be carefully applied at home or in a trusted nearby nail salon by technicians with their professional licenses. Clients may prefer press on nails for easy application as well as the ease to change up their style after a week of wear. Instead of applying nail polish every day, your customers can flaunt original nail art with the option to switch up their look.

If you are looking to how to start a press on nail business that appeases customers in the area and draw in extra money, here is the guide for you. Even if your natural nail looks gorgeous, you can help enhance others and the beauty of your brand with social influence.

How Can I Make It In The Nail Business?

1. Come up with a strong brand name if you’re working independently. You’ll be selling sets of fake nail but it’s more glamorous with a better title. Consider using your first or last name, maybe “Amy’s Acrylic” or “North Nails?”

2. You may consider joining an existing team of acrylic nail sellers if you’re not ready to start your own business. Be aware of MLM (multi level marketing) schemes and make sure you buy the right kits with acrylic nails as well as proper nail glue to advertise to your customers. These groups can be great to host virtual parties where people can order products from their own home.

3. Offer extra services such as nail tips to keep acrylics lasting longer. Technically, acrylic nails should last 2 -3 weeks with proper upkeep before growing out. Pop on static nail techniques are easy to clean at home and can be easily reapplied, so you can also offer aftercare products for an additional price. It’s also important to tell clients how to properly take off fake nails without damaging their real nails with a special product you can include in the service.

4. Find out if you can apply fake nails at home or need to rent a salon space. Booths can be around $150 to $1000 weekly depending on your area and amount of customers due to commissions and rent. In almost all states you will need a cosmetology license to do nail tech at home: look to a course and fees for applications before breaking the law and getting in trouble. A great tip when you’re considering working from home is making sure you have a proper space including a bathroom and separate entrance for business customers to keep distant from your domestic area.

5. Finally, get the word out about your new business through advertising. Social media is amazing to link your different accounts to your official website. Encourage your friends and clients to share your posts and maybe even include a random raffle for those who choose to do so. You can offer 50% off or a free set of nails for multiple Instagram posts.

What Should I Consider Charging For A Press On Nail Business?

– It’s pretty important to practice original designs before you come up with a signature style. Most places like dollar and pound stores offer fake nails for $1 – $5 while beauty supplies can sell acrylics for about $10. If you happen to create a brilliant design, go ahead and advertise it!

– Look to competitor prices. Many nail salons in the United States generally charge around $40 for a simple set with additional charges for an intricate design. You can also offer a manicure and pedicure package for maybe $20 more that adds up over time. Personally, I’ve seen salons make money during Mother’s Day and Christmas by selling gift cards for a manicure that takes the stress out of finding personal gifts.

– Include the cost of additions aside from fake nails. You’ll need really high quality nail glue which can be around $10 on Amazon and discount stores but these products are usually for personal use. Try a wholesale glue from beauty salons which can give you a big discount if you show off your cosmetology license.

– Factor in the cost of rental space if you’re working in a salon. You need cash for booth space as well as commission. While it’s tacky to ask for a tip, as long as you do a great job it’s customary in the industry for 15 – 20% of the service. You can also improve your services by keeping track of how much you have been tipped and how often.

– Consider hiring an advertising team to market your nail business. You can find expert writers on content sites for a few cents a word, so basically about $5 or less for a full review or an ad blurb. Even if you’re not skilled on social media, there are many freelancers looking for work on websites such as Fiverr or Textbroker. A few e-mails will help you find a writer that knows how to help with tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO).

How Far Can I Go With My New Press On Nail Business?

When you want to make fake nail application a full time job, it could take a little time to establish yourself in the industry and stand out among your competitors. What’s best to stand out is to create an individual style such as tie dyed nails, holographic designs, or even a perfect French tip for those who prefer a traditional look.

The best part of the nail business is sometimes you can change your mind and stay in the beauty industry with options to branch out to other services. Perhaps you’ve found out that you prefer doing pedicures rather than nail art? Keep your clientele happy and in the loop to make sure you will still have happy customers.

Applying press on nails as a business professional requires steady hands and an eye for the arts. Think about making a specific chart for costs, ideas, and savings for extra costs such as taxes and supplies. Feel free to get creative with your nail designs – crystals, jewels, portraits, anyone? You’ve got this!