Seven easy ways to make money in NYC

The Big Apple is Waiting For You! How to Make Money in New York City

New York City is the place of dreams for all to enjoy, but it may be costly to live as a permanent resident. If you’re moving to NYC and seek extra money, it’s important to think as a local. The magic of the Big Apple shines through glimmering tourist locations, shops, and restaurants that put the city on the map.

Even if you’ve landed your dream career in Manhattan, a side hustle helps to fund your wallet for the fantastic nightlife and all attractions that New York City has to offer. Read through for seven unique gigs that will make you love working in NYC.

Seven Freelance Work Ideas For a Great Side Hustle in New York City

1. Find extra money as a virtual assistant in New York

If you’re starting as a student or someone new to NYC needing to make rent, a work from home job may be the best bet for you. You can apply for virtual assistant jobs to manage clients social media accounts and set up meetings for regular income per assignment.

2. Try Amazon Flex for extra income

New York City is known for public transportation so many people require deliveries when they want to stay at home. You can sign up for Amazon Flex to pick up packages and use your own vehicle to deliver anything from important documents to groceries for your neighbors.

3. Look to New York City real estate

From high-rise condominiums to small houses in the ‘burbs, New York can jump start your career as a real estate agent. You’ll need to complete classes with an agency and then you’re on your way to show off properties and make a hefty commission.

4. Complete apps sweepstakes for a gift card to shop in the city

The Big Apple is known for rewards, whether you’re completing the crossword puzzle in the daily Times or collecting rewards from your purchases at the local market. You can rack up points by downloading apps for chain eateries and get yourself a free coffee or a chance to win a larger prize.

5. Become one with a larger crowd in major venues

Historical venues such as the Rockefeller Center and Madison Square Garden present new shows every night. If you apply to be an usher or work in the concession stand and get the gig, you’re sure to have an exciting event with extra money and tips to keep your wallet happy.

6. Volunteer for security in public transportation

Many tourists visiting New York are concerned for their safety. There are many jobs to patrol the subway systems or work as a traffic guard in order to keep the line moving along. These jobs can range from part time work to full time salaries for a great hustle idea.

7. Grab a shift at a local business

One of the most unique aspects of New York City is the diverse set of businesses in every burrow. Perhaps you enjoy the local deli or a fantastic dress shop nearby? It doesn’t hurt to ask if they’re looking for part-time help! You could end up in your dream job and discounts on your favorite purchases.

Live Out Your Dreams in New York!

When you see the lights of NYC, you’ll know if it’s the place for you. Take your time to enjoy the city and all that it offers for your next business venture.