Seven ways to make money in Florida

How to Make Money in the Sunshine State

Florida is a beautiful state known for sunshine, amusement, and good ol’ Southern food. Many visitors flock to Florida for its famous theme parks and warm weather. However, for local residents, it’s important to maintain a good income in order to stay happy in FL. Here are seven ways to make a little extra cash in the Sunshine state.

Top Seven Jobs to Look Out For in Florida

1. Check out real estate classes in the area

Florida is booming with housing for retirees, especially in the Miami area. Becoming one of the best real estate agents in the area simply requires a full training course and a nudge in the direction of real estate investors through a trusted agency. This high demand job is plentiful with plenty of properties and employment throughout the enormous state. If you prefer to dress up and talk to potential buyers. try out real estate for a full time or part time position.

2. Make money online by freelance writing

Although Florida prices may seem lower than other states in the Eastern region, you still need to pay the bills. Consider applying for freelance writing jobs to write real estate descriptions and guides to popular tourist attractions in the area. Many content writing sites and employers will even pay you to attend events in order to write a review on your fabulous day out in the sunshine. When you look for the digital nomad route, a freelance writing job allows you the freedom to enjoy your stay in Florida.

3. Grab a job at a local eatery

Southern chains such as Publix and Wawa are known for their delicious subs and fresh food. You can easily pick up a day or night shift to make the public happy! If you find that your local store isn’t hiring, you can also apply to famous fast food chains such as Checkers and Shake Shack for a cooking or waitressing job. When you have a love for delicious dinners, working around food is easy and affordable with free meals on the job.

4. Look to working at an amusement park

Disney and Universal Studios are a few of the many attractions in Florida that are consistently looking for employees. There are dozens of jobs to choose from with attendants for popular rides or working in the gift stores. If you’re ready to stay at Disney and commit to their rules, you may be able to become a Princess in no time! All you need is charisma to attract visitors and maybe you’ll have a season pass all to your own.

5. Work remotely for a local publication

With all due respect for Florida, we all know there are crazy stories coming from the Sunshine State. These tales may be fabricated but someone has to write them! Consider applying for magazines and newspapers in the area with remote job listing if you choose the digital nomad route. You could also choose the regular route of writing for the town paper with weather reports and national news.

6. Apply for landscaping jobs

As mentioned above, many people flock to Florida to retire in the sunshine. You could join a landscaping or gardening crew to work on lawns in ritzy condos for a few extra bucks. With some experience, you will be able to work independently or create your own team as a big boss. You’ll need to learn the difference between natural and invasive plants and the skills of using a lawnmower is a plus!

7. Try your skill as an exterminator

Exterminator jobs are popular in Florida as there are many dangerous spiders and snakes finding themselves in resident’s homes. If you’re able to handle creepy crawly critters, consider joining an exterminator team. There are differences between capturing and releasing the pests or going in to get rid of the problem immediately.

Visit Sunny Florida For Fun or Job Opportunities

We all know Florida as a great vacation spot with plenty of attractions and great restaurants for Southern food. These seven tips for job opportunities are a great guide to getting you through your day to day life as a Florida resident without going broke. Once you’re here, you are sure that you’ll want to stay!