How to Sell on Vinted (Turn Cool Thrifted Clothes Into Cash)

Sell Your Preloved Clothes on Vinted

Selling your unwanted clothes has never been easier with platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and the Vinted app. If you’re not super into social media, Vinted is a company that allows you to sell old clothes and accessories without the need to meet up with a potential buyer in a strange location. Founded by Milda Mitkute, Vinted is a resource with a buyer protection fee for 5% of the item price plus $0.70.

Selling clothes is easy on the internet; however, certain marketplaces look for apparel while others are on a broader spectrum. Here’s a quick guide on how to turn cool used clothes into cash.

Start By Signing Up With Vinted

Like most sites, Vinted is an easy sign up with a unique username and password. You can then upload pictures of your used fashion items with a catchy description and a price you deem appropriate. The selling fee is 5% of what you charge. You will need to pay for postage but it’s always protected with a buyer’s guarantee and special customer service that you’re able to access 24/7 if you encounter any problems.

But What If I Don’t Own Fashion Items?

If you have a few extra bucks, you can search local thrift stores for used fashion and judge their worth by the label. Fashion brands such as Champion are more popular in 2022 than they were in the 90s so you may find luck with athletic wear. Just look to your closet or a local store for more items.

Another great money-making tip is found art. Those with quirky tastes are partial to portraits of animals with others choosing intricate landscapes. You can upsell your found art to make extra money.

Try Your Own Price Plan On Vinted

Look for a bundle discount on Vinted when you need to sell used clothes. You can create a full 0utfit as a discount for perspective buyers. As trends change, so do styles! Instead of selling a single pair of jeans, you can make a complete outfit with a denim top for sustainable fashion that helps you and the buyer.

Do Your Research Before Selling

There are many sellers on Vinted so your listing should stand out from the rest. You can use particular hashtags for an item bump compared to a similar item on the website. Make sure to tag your items so prospective buyers find the clothing they’re looking for.

Once you encounter a sold item, you can take in the information such as descriptive words to make your own descriptions based on a pervious entry. Each business model is necessary to make your clothing sales different from another one.

Choose Unique Packaging For Shipping

Shipping costs vary from state to state but you can also put individual flavor onto your packaging with neat stickers and custom messages. With every package, you can make yourself known by including a personal note and extra presents.

So Where Is The Money In Vinted?

An off brand t-shirt can easily go for $5 on Vinted or competitor sites such as PoshMark or ThreadUp. Vinted is different as buyers look for vintage garments such as concert merchandise, wall art, and even instruments that you have around your house.

The money is into how you present your items and the quality of shipping. It’s important to stay truthful with how the clothing will arrive and the authenticity of each item.

For example, you can list a 12 string guitar and claim it was owned by Jimi Hendrix but this is easy for the buyer to prove that you made a false sale. Instead, you could offer a great t-shirt or wall art from Woodstock 1969 with a label from a thrift store.

Can You Make A Living From Vinted?

If you put your mind to it, you can sell clothes on online retailers such as Vinted by simply listing items through your phone or laptop. Instead of a manual labor job, you’ll need to package your own clothing and send your merchandise through the post office.

You can easily make an income from Vinted if you have old clothing you’re willing to part with or an eye for great stuff at the consignment store near you. Simply start by selling t-shirts and sweatshirts and move on to a sizable income.

Who Are The Best Customers For Vinted?

Vinted is a versatile website for consumers to find rock n’ roll clothing, instruments, and art that can’t be found anywhere else on social media. As a seller, you are able to list your items and ship to anywhere in the world.

Unlike other pages such as eBay, Vintes is almost exclusively for thrift store items and memorbelia. When you’re ready to sell your rocker clothes and art, choose Vinted today!