Ten ways to make extra money in Texas

The Lone Star state is a massive place of opportunities for locals and transplants alike. Fresh out of high school, I moved to Arlington with a band of unemployed teenagers and a cheap apartment we needed to pay for. My first job was as a breakfast waitress, serving the state’s famous sweet tea and chicken fried dinners (don’t get me started on the days the fryolator was down!) With my friends working odd jobs such as call centers and short order cooks, we pooled enough between us to survive and thrive, eventually turning the diner into a music venue and pursuing our dreams as artists.

In 2006, getting jobs in Texas was much different than here in 2022. Social media is more important than ever and extra money is necessary to live day to day. Here are 10 ways to get a passive income in Texas to afford chicken fried steak every day of the week.

10 Jobs to Look Out For in Texas

1. Check out the Texas department of schools and recreation

Since Texas is the second biggest state in the country. there are a number of public schools and recreation centers that need help. These odd jobs can include landscaping and managing the snack stand at a local baseball game.

2. Try your chops at the real estate business

Texas is home to sprawling mansions and historic houses that need a loving owner. Many times, aspiring real estate agents don’t need a special degree and can take a simple course to get their license. This job is great for a social person, another popular trait among Texas residents. Real estate agents make commission for their sales which can add up whether you’re full or part time.

3. Start your own small business in permanent cosmetics

Texas has a reputation for larger than life beauty queens and television personalities such as Dr. Phil. We’ve mentioned before how to make it in the permanent cosmetic business and TX is a great location to get your business booming. Once you perfect your craft, you can start your own company or join a salon part time.

4. Grab a job at a call center

Call centers are certainly still a thing in the Lone Star state. If you prefer to be behind the scenes but are able to make sales, there are plenty of locations to apply for and work part time during the week. You will need to be 18+ for commissions and a regular salary once you advance in the ranks.

5. Work on social media accounts at home

Especially in cities such as Austin, Texas is full of job opportunities to become a social media manager for venues and restaurants. This job requires posting on Facebook and Twitter with new menu items and events that will draw a crowd.

6. Make passive cash with ride shares

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport is one of the largest hubs in the country and weary travelers would rather grab an Uber than wait for a rental car. All you need to do is have a certified vehicle and you can work in ride share on your own time.

7. Make money with food deliveries

You can work in one of Texas’ favorite Mexican restaurants or independently for companies such as Door Dash. Many hungry customers in the college areas or the suburbs are looking for food deliveries and are even more willing to pay tips if you help with further locations…which is common in such a large state!

8. Offer dog walking in suburban areas

The luxury areas of Texas are generally populated by retirees and business people who work in the larger cities. Try out a dog walking app or advertise your services for anyone who loves their pets but are too busy to get Rover his daily exercise.

9. Deliver packages for extra income

Bike delivery is still important for cities such as Dallas, Austin, and Houston. These hubs are full of larger businesses and are willing to pay a messenger to deliver important documents and packages.

10. Entertain a crowd at fairs

The Texas State Fair is a celebration of food and entertainment with thousands of visitors every year. This event draws a crowd ready to listen to your music or watch your juggling act. Start off by applying to perform to local fairs or booking your band at widespread events such as South By Southwest in Austin. You can also advertise on social media and make sure people know your name!

Find Your Place in the Lone Star State!

Texas is a land of opportunities and growth, no matter your career path or age. All you need are big dreams and hope to make extra cash in this gorgeous state. Y’all need to see it to believe it!