How to Start a Funny Sticker Business on Etsy

How To Start A Sticker Business on Etsy

When you are looking to create a small business with custom vinyl stickers, your designs are the most important to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Here we will go through the process from creating and selling decals that your customers will love and how to promote your brand as a salesperson. Creativity is always important in the artistic field and we hope this guide will bring you through the steps to create a lasting impression on your customers and your business.

Setting up an Etsy shop is an easy process when you put your mind to it. The main goal is to make a sticker that is truly original, vibrant, and creates a lasting impact on your customer’s interests. This is the guide you need to start your own sticker business for promotions, decorations, and more.

1. Begin Your Decal Business With Detailed Art

You will need to first design a special sticker through a great illustration such as a sketch you do on paper or go right to the computer/tablet. Digital art lovers prefer programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Canva Pro that allows you to practice your craft before settling on a final product. With these programs, your sticker design can go to the next level to include colors and details that will be interesting and unique to your brand. Take your inspiration from anything – it could be a dream you had or a pop culture moment that you think will sell!

2. Invest In The Proper Products For Decals

Sticker paper can be found in anywhere from discount craft stores to a custom sticker shop to make your own decals at home. However, you might want to look to high end sticker paper from a reputable printer company for about $50 for 100 sheets. Otherwise, you will end up with tacky stickers that peel and fade with time with adhesive that doesn’t make a good impact on many surfaces. This can lead to disappointed customers who were hoping to receive what they purchased from your Etsy site.

3. Choose Digital Stickers For An Alternative

In this millennium, digital stickers are a great way to easily download as a GIF or JPG file to easily upload to your Etsy store. A custom designer can create a figurative design sticker for your business to showcase the talent as an independent artist or a creative business person. Digital stickers make professional pages fun and interactive and can also enhance company merchandise to market a particular brand.

4. Be Smart With Your Marketing

You’ll need to target a specific audience when selling stickers on Etsy. A great way to do this is to specify what a potential customer could use the stickers for. Maybe your expertise is special occasion decals that can be used as planner stickers for school and work? Bigger businesses will look for keywords such as “custom company logo” and musical groups can enjoy “band logo decals.”

5. Offer Custom Products For An Additional Charge

One way you can sell your decals is as a blank state, such as a name tag design or even temporary tattoos your customers can color at home. You can also market popular designs as long as you watch out for copyright laws. The third option is to provide product samples for custom work targeted towards musical groups, companies, and schools. Figure out a pricing plan – this could be a special design for $5 a piece with $1 for additional lettering.

How To Use Etsy SEO To Get Technical With Your Product Descriptions

Make sure to use etsy SEO (search engine optimization) which may seem like a chore at first but is easy to get the hang of once you’ve compiled a few descriptions. Here’s a quick run down on perfecting your SEO game.

– Google a similar product such as “Mickey Mouse decals” and see if there’s popular Etsy sellers who describe their sticker with keywords such as “Disney” and “cartoons.”

– Consider flashy and stand out words including “glittering” and “colorful.” This is a great tip for both Etsy and eBay sales if a person is looking for a specific product that stands out from the rest.

– Utilize Google to see frequently asked questions pertaining to your product. If you type in the search (Disney stickers, for example), you can scroll down the page to see questions such as “what is the most popular Disney sticker this year?” There you can get an idea to name your design something such as “Popular Elsa Frozen Decal.”

– When in doubt, seek out an SEO expert. This could be a friend on social media who works in advertising and marketing or a freelancer on content websites such as Fiverr. Many if not all freelancers will work within your budget to create a quality product.

Don’t Take Your Business Too Seriously!

Decals are meant to be fun and help companies promote their products. After all, your potential customers are more likely to gravitate towards a colorful design rather than wordy and dull stickers. Let your creativity shine and the buyers will follow in this business.