How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job

How To Get A Side Job As A Teen

Having a job as a teenager is a rewarding opportunity to appease your parents and stay out of trouble. There are many ways teens can make their own spending money and contribute to their household while exploring their own interests. It doesn’t always have to be part time babysitting your siblings or doing household chores if you put your mind to it and want to make extra cash to enhance your future.

Look To Summer Jobs Around Your Area

Growing up in a beach area, a lot of my friends chose seaside summer jobs such as being a junior lifeguard or managing the concession stand on the beach. Others would make extra cash with beach cleanup such as picking up litter after the gates closed or mopping the bathrooms.

If you don’t live in a place with water, you can find other jobs in nature including joining a team to clean natural parks and maintaining the gate to collect parking fees.

Find Food Service Jobs That Are Legal

Many states allow bussers and dishwashers for teens aged 14 to 16 years old. You’ll need to check your state laws to get a working certificate and make sure it’s ok with your parents. There you can start in the front of the house as a hostess or help in the kitchen to advance your career as a cook.

Use Your Hobbies As A Job To Get Further Experience

Tutoring is awesome as a teen or young college student if your mindset is on helping others. You can pick the subject you excel in ranging from video games to English courses and make extra bucks doing what you do best. Who knows – maybe you’ll learn more from teaching and can make it a full career!

Try Helping Others Who Can’t Help Themselves

Many nursing homes and after school programs invite teenagers to visit residences to spend time with those who need more company than most. With this experience, you can find full time jobs in health corporations or as a home care worker to take care of people with special needs. These jobs are generally in high demand as most clients require one on one health care.

Look To Entertainment Part Time Jobs For Fun

A great first job for teens is working in a movie theater with easy tasks such as manning the concession stand or taking money for tickets. This job may require vacuuming the theaters at the end of the film and checking in on emergency exits.

Another part time job could be offering amateurs sessions for sports including karate and snowboarding. If you’re good with kids, you can excel as a teen instructor and make it a potential career in the future.

Create Your Own Yummy Treats And Beverages To Sell

A lemonade stand is a delicious way for children and younger teens to sell refreshments to their neighbors. You can go further by making homemade goods such as brownies and cookies for your guests to eat up.

When you want to go further than that, check out your local permit laws to make your own road side stands with preserves and freshly picked veggies from your backyard. Consider hosting a seasonal sale or create an honor system by displaying your stand by the road to welcome customers to come and go as they please.

Look To Local Businesses Hiring Teens

Looking for legal ways to make money as a high school student? It’s important for you and your parents to read the fine lines to get easy jobs like hotel room cleaning and working at an ice cream company. Depending where you live, these jobs are highly competitive but also can be a great opportunity for teens in the summer. Once you get enough happy customers, you’re sure to be invited back every season.

Find Manual Labor Jobs In Your Area

Many people who own homes would rather hire a teenager than rake their own leaves or shovel their driveway. Put out feelers in your neighborhood for quick cash that will ease the stress of the home owner and get a few more dollars in your pocket.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Dirty Work!

Maybe you can only find jobs including dog walking or house cleaning as a teen, and that’s ok! As long as you are able to create a good client base and make a great impression at work, you can move on to something you would like to do. There’s a whole world of opportunities for young adults and your temporary job could lead to something permanent.