Expert Network Profile: Atheneum Partners

The world of expert networks is rapidly growing, and if you’re looking for some insight into their industry, look no further than our collection of expert network reviews. Covering a wide range of expert network firms, we’re here to help you see which ones are the real deal, and prepare you to go to work with one of them if you so choose.

Atheneum Partners is a global expert network that started in Europe; they’re a key player in the European market which has expanded globally. They’ve got 450,000 experts signed up on their platform.

They work a bit different from other expert network services- most expert networks contact recruits (which Atheneum Partners does), however they are actively accepting recruits via application.

Chances are if you’re here, you’ve been contacted by or are at least interested in Atheneum Partners to do some consulting work, and show off your industry expertise. First of all- congratulations! You’ve been recognized as a subject matter expert, deemed to have superior industry knowledge and insight into whatever market that institutional investor (hedge fund), company, or even management consulting firm is looking to enter.

Atheneum Partners offers many standard expert network services, hiring out advisors with specific industry expertise to clients, arranging expert consultations for various industry primary research opportunities.

They offer their clients:

  • Individual consultations
  • Managed surveys / research projects
  • Talent placements (short term, long term, advisory board roles)

Atheneum Partners is actively recruiting college talent in the US which suggests the American market is a key growth priority for the firm. This is an opportunity for US-based experts. To sign up for their expert network, use the recruitment form here.

They indicated they are recruiting for eight broad verticals:

  • Life Sciences & Heathcare
  • Telcom / Media Tech
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy And Utilities
  • Industrials / Manufacturing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Natural Resources
  • Public Policy

If you think you have useful information in one of these industries, and would consider using that insight to augment your income, working for an expert network firm like Atheneum Partners might be for you!

Like many research firms, they have a good insights section. Worth reading if you need to spark a little creative thinking about your industry or need some “interview fodder” for your next executive or strategy interview.

A word of caution, however, for any consulting or expert network job- be in compliance with regulations. When working with publicly traded companies, especially if you still have a primary job, be sure that you are not disclosing any confidential information regarding your primary employer or industry. You want to maintain compliance with insider trading regulations, and avoid losing both of your jobs.

Independent consultants and expert network consultants often charge their own consulting rates, often depending on how much industry experience you have and how much preparation you are willing to put in for your expert consultation. Your consulting rate will likely start out rather low, but you will be able to raise it as you expand your portfolio and gain a reputation as a reliable advisor. For Guidance on Setting Consulting Rates, check out our main expert network article.

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