Expert Network Profile: OnFrontiers

OnFrontiers is a US based expert consulting network with an emphasis on emerging markets issues. They recruit for everything from client phone consultations to projects and advisory / permanent hire opportunities.

The Expert Network Experience

For the first part of our OnFrontiers expert network review, let’s go over some of the basic things to expect out of an expert network service.

More likely than not, you were contacted by an expert network like OnFrontiers, and are wondering, is OnFrontiers a scam? You may be an industry expert, but rates like $500 an our seem completely outrageous for an expert interview.

We’re here to tell you, OnFrontiers is not a scam. Like any expert network firm, they help connect investment management firms, hedge funds, management consulting firms, and institutional investors to subject matter experts like you. OnFrontiers specializes in new and emerging markets, so the majority of your clients will likely be investors looking for opportunities to invest in a growing industry. These investors are making decisions worth millions or even billions, so they are willing to pay extremely high rates for an expert consultation.

You’re being paid to provide your industry insights and expertise, but expert network services like OnFrontiers are extremely concerned about compliance with insider trading regulations. Publicly traded companies do not want to engage in legal battles, so be sure to not share any confidential information regarding current or previous employers if you want to maintain compliance.

You’re a subject matter expert now, and your expertise is valuable! Independent consultants can’t match the insight that you have into your industry, and your clients need your information to augment their primary research. OnFrontiers is a bit new to the expert network game, and we encourage you to check out some of our other expert network reviews, especially if you have been contacted by multiple companies.

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