Expert Network Profile: Business Talent Group [Updated 2021]

Recently acquired by Heidrick & Struggles, a leading executive recruiting firm, the Business Talent Group (aka BTG Management) is an online independent talent marketplace catering to interim executives and subject matter experts.

As of April 2021, The Business Talent Group’s marketplace has over 7000 professionals with experience at top consulting firms and over 3000 project and program managers. Their sweet spot seems to be longer / deeper engagements but they can serve as an effective source for business strategy consulting assignments.

BTG provides on-demand access to independent professionals for interim roles and project-based work – helping companies address pressing challenges in strategy, ecommerce, and supply chains, among other areas. Named competitors include: Comatch, Catalant, and Talmix. This sector of the consulting and expert network space weathered the pandemic relatively well, with competitor Catalant reporting strong sales and raising $35 MM of fresh funding. Between a tight labor market, record acquisitions by private equity firms, and supply chain shocks leading companies have needed a lot of guidance lately.

They were founded in the US but have recently expanded internationally through the acquisition of London’s Hillgate group. Their acquisition by Heidrick & Struggles followed a two year strategic partnerships between the companies.

They have a strong presence with blue chip corporate clients and private equity group, with a client list that includes more than 50% of the Fortune 100.

General impressions:

  • Clearly “consultant friendly” (if not preferred). If you’re a former management consultant who hung out your own shingle as an independent consultant, these are your people… (play that card!)
  • On a similar note, sounds like a good place to pick up interim leadership roles; many private equity firms need highly skilled independent talent to quickly fix broken portfolio companies. (these gigs pay well!)
  • Clearly friendly to Freelancers. If this type of role appeals to you, check out our sections on using gig economy sites like Upwork and LinkedIn to find leads. Their business referral program (see below) may also be an opportunity for those of you engaged in broader opportunity searches or putting together your own deals.

The overlap with Heidrick & Struggles executive talent solutions agency business points to an interesting trend I’ve noticed in recent years. Many leading companies use interim leadership roles as an audition for C-level assignments. They bring an independent consultant in to solve their biggest business problems and hand them a job offer if things go well. This is an effective way to balance the high cost (and risk of failure) with executive search placements against their needs for immediate expertise and skilled talent.

To join the BTG team as a consultant:

BTG Network Areas of Practice (types of talent hired / placed via their independent consulting marketplace ):

  • Corporate & Business Development
  • Finance
  • Human Sources
  • Internal Consulting Team Development
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (freelance m&a consultant)
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Strategy
  • Technology & Digital

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