Expert Network Profile: Tegus

Tegus is a buy side investor focused expert network in the US. Calling themselves “The Buy Side’s Leading Primary Research Platform,” Tegus is a growing platform used by investors to get a comprehensive knowledge base of an industry- efficiently.

Like most expert network services, Tegus recruits subject matter experts in a variety of industries, bringing them together to create a massive database for investors. They are focused on efficiency, looking to optimize the primary research phase for institutional investors, and “accelerate the path to insight.”

Some expert networks offer services to independent consultants or management consulting firms, but Tegus appears to be exclusively geared towards investors and hedge funds. While this may slightly limit the range of industries Tegus recruits in. it potentially increases the ceiling for consulting rates.

What Does A Call Look Like?

Expert consultations through Tegus are generally short, 45 minutes to an hour, though they do offer opportunities for longer-term relationships with specific clients.

Tegus puts a lot of stress on compliance with insider trading regulations, and avoiding confidential information. Since you will be working with investors, hedge funds, and publicly traded companies, Tegus has strict guidelines to maintain compliance with those regulations. Tegus experts often meet with clients anonymously, not knowing who the client is or what company they represent during or after the expert interviews.

Tegus offers compliance training for these matters, so that their industry experts and advisors can provide good insight without putting either Tegus or the investment management firms at risk.

You’re a subject matter expert now, and expert network services like Tegus are going to come knocking. Your insight and expertise in your industry are valuable, and many companies will be eager for access to it. Doing your research on the many expert network firms can help you decide what is right for you, and you will become an extremely successful advisor.

Information about becoming an adviser is contained within their FAQ.

For Guidance on Setting Consulting Rates, check out our main expert network article.

We hope this expert network review was helpful, and congratulate you on your newfound status as an industry expert! High-end clients and high-level rates await you!

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