Expert Network Review: RidgeTop Research

Ridgetop Research is the US based expert network, one of the stronger mid-tier players within the US market.

They are active in both custom interview recruiting and surveys / panels.

General Expert Network Services

If you’ve been contacted by an expert network like RidgeTop Research, chances are you’re an industry expert in your field, and they want to bring you in as a consultant.

Now what does this mean? Like an independent consultant, you as a subject matter expert will be advising clients such as investment management companies, institutional investors (hedge funds), or even other management consulting firms. They likely want to know some insider information on your industry, to supplement their primary research in making big financial decisions.

If invited to an expert consultation, there are some key things to keep in mind. You are an advisor for your client, with a high level of expertise. While the consultant or investor you are talking to will be smart, they may not know very much about your particular industry. The reason they reached out to an expert network service like RidgeTop was to gain that expertise, and your job is to give it to them- efficiently.

Another major thing to keep in mind is compliance. Especially if you still have a primary job, there is likely confidential information you are privy to that should not be shared. If you are dealing with publicly traded companies, you want to be careful about what you share in order to stay in compliance with insider trading regulations.

Setting Expert Network Rates

If you’re wondering how to set a RidgeTop Research consulting rate, it should remain about consistent with the rates you would charge other expert network services. An expert consultation with RidgeTop is very similar to those of other firms we have reviewed, and the consulting rates you set are more related to your level of expertise and the amount of information you have to offer your clients than anything else.

For Guidance on Setting Consulting Rates for expert interviews, check out our main expert network article.

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