Expert Network Profile: Maven Research

Maven Research is a US based Expert Network. Their stated goal is to be 90% cheaper and 10 X faster than traditional consulting options.

Like most expert network companies, Maven Research has a wide variety of clients. From institutional investors and investment management firms to hedge funds and management consultants, Maven Research helps a slew of companies connect with subject matter experts in different industries.

They accept a very wide range of talent. You likely were contacted by Maven Research because you are considered an industry expert, and the insight and expertise you have in your field will be extremely valuable for potential clients.

An expert consultation through Maven will be fairly standard, discussing the ins and outs of your industry with your client, so that they can be prepared to make high-dollar decisions for their company. Your expertise decides the outcome of millions of dollars of investment, so clients are willing to pay a pretty penny to avoid a big loss.

Unlike an independent consultant or consulting firm, you likely have a primary employer that is not Maven Research. Because you will be dealing with publicly traded companies, there is heavy emphasis on compliance with insider trading regulations. To maintain compliance, avoid sharing confidential information or violating any NDAs you might have signed during your expert interviews- your clients and employers will thank you.

Congratulations, you’re considered an industry expert! Your insight and expertise is about to be sought after by dozens of clients, and maybe even multiple expert network services! We hope this expert network review was helpful, and encourage you to check out some of the others to get a feel for the industry, and find what is right for you.

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