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Coleman Research Group, a leading US-based expert network that focuses on investors, was founded in 2003. Coleman was founded in 2003 and is a trusted platform for institutional investor clients looking to quickly access industry knowledge to make investments or acquire new ones. They offer phone consultations, surveys and analyst access to their clients.

Coleman, like most expert network services, recruits subject matter specialists from a range of industries. They then bring them together to form a huge database for investors. They focus on efficiency and aim to maximize the primary research phase for institutional investor investors. “

While some expert networks provide services to independent consultants and management consulting firms, Coleman’s expert network service seems to be geared exclusively towards institutional investors, asset managers, and hedge funds. This may limit the industries Coleman can recruit in. It could increase the ceiling on consultant rates for research interactions.

Candidates who also want to work in strategy or senior management should visit their insights page. They publish some excellent studies.

To sign up as an expert, apply here.

What does a call look like?

Coleman offers expert consultations that last between 45 minutes and an hour. However, they offer the possibility of developing long-term relationships with certain clients as industry experts.

Coleman places a lot emphasis on compliance with insider trading regulations and the protection of confidential information. Coleman has specific guidelines for ensuring compliance with regulations as you work with investors, hedge funds and private equity firms. Coleman experts meet with clients often anonymously. They do not know the identity of the client or the company that they represent. (this is common for most leading expert network platforms)

Coleman provides compliance training to address these issues so that industry advisors, employees, and experts can offer good insight without putting Coleman or the investment managers at risk of a bad outcome. This is a common practice for research providers that serve the institutional investor market.

Some expert networks offer services to independent consultants or management consulting firms, but Coleman appears to be exclusively geared towards investors and hedge funds. While this may slightly limit the range of industries Coleman recruits in. it potentially increases the ceiling for consulting rates.

You’re a subject matter expert now, and expert network services like Coleman are going to come knocking. Your insight and expertise in your industry are valuable, and many companies will be eager for access to it. Doing your research on the many expert network firms can help you decide what is right for you, and you will become an extremely successful advisor.

For Guidance on Setting Consulting Rates, check out our main expert network article.

We hope this expert network review was helpful, and congratulate you on your newfound status as an industry expert! High-end clients and high-level rates await you!

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